Who Owns YouTube? The Most Successful Acquisition Of Alphabet’s Google

Acquired by Google, in 2006, for $1.65 billion, YouTube is now worth many times over. In 2019, YouTube generated over $15 billion in revenues from advertising alone. YouTube is part of Google (now named Alphabet) and as such, it is owned by the main Google’s Alphabet shareholders and it is the fastest-growing segment for the company.

Breaking down YouTube Business Model

The most prominent institutional shareholders are BlackRock, Fidelity (entities affiliated with it), and the Vanguard Group. Larry Page and Sergey Brin together have 51% of the voting power. Then we have other individual shareholders comprising John Doerr, venture capitalist and early investor in Google, and Sundar Pichai, the current company’s CEO.
Google has a diversified business model, primarily making money via its advertising networks that, in 2019, generated over 83% of its revenues, which also comprise YouTube Ads. Other revenue streams include Google Cloud, Hardware, Google Playstore, and YouTube Premium content. In 2019 Google made over $161 billion in total revenues.

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