Who Owns Zoom? Inside The Video-telephony Software Company Empire

Zoom’s main private shareholders comprise Eric S. Yuan, a Chinese-American billionaire businessman that founded Zoom. Dan Scheinman, board member and angel investor in Zoom since the start, and Santiago Subotovsky, also an early investor in Zoom. Zoom follows a freeterprise business model where free accounts are channeled into enterprise customers.

Founding story

Eric S. Yuan, founded Zoom Video Communications, back in 2011. As he had been working for a videoconferencing company, called WebEx, as the company got acquired by Cisco, he became Vice President of engineering.

As he had in mind a new idea for a new videoconferencing company, he pitched the Cisco management, who rejected it, and as that happened, Eric S. Yuan left the company to found Zoom Video Communications, which would become one of the most successful video conferencing apps.

How is Zoom ownership organized?

Zoom ownership is divided in two types of shares: A and B.

Each share of Class A common stock is entitled to one vote per share, and each share of Class B common stock is entitled to 10 votes per share. The Class A common stock and Class B common stock usually vote together on all matters.

Zoom set of products that make ut its ecosystem (Source: Zoom Proxy)
Zoom set of products that make ut its ecosystem (Source: Zoom Financials)
Zoom is a video communication platform, which mission is to “make video communications frictionless.” Leveraging on the viral growth from its freemium model, Zoom then uses its direct sales force to identify the opportunity and channel those in B2B and enterprise accounts. 
A freeterprise is a combination of free and enterprise where free professional accounts are driven into the funnel through the free product. As the opportunity is identified the company assigns the free account to a salesperson within the organization (inside sales or fields sales) to convert that into a B2B/enterprise account.

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