The blog aim is to allow entrepreneurs of all types, industries, markets to share and find resources that can help them grow their businesses, no matter in which stage they are. Indeed, one key aspect of business modeling is the fact; it can help companies in various phases achieve several objectives.

A company in an early stage, a so-called startup, might need to tweak their business model to find their first stage of growth. Other companies that already have tapped into the first stages of growth might need to unlock successive growth by integrating new business model patterns within their existing framework.

Other organizations yet, might be in a mature stage, where growth has stalled. For that matter, understanding a new business model template to generate growth again is critical. Thus, if you’re willing to grow your business, this is the place for you.

If you want to share a business model you think might benefit the community or you want to share your business model because you think it’s unique and can add value to other entrepreneurs, in other countries or industries fill out the form below.

The primary aim is to understand what makes your business model unique and why is that it is giving you a competitive advantage.

With this form, you will be able to share all the main features of a business model. If selected we’ll build an infographic out of your business model and add your company within our listing so that it can get exposure from the community!

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