The resources you need to improve your business acumen and make you a better business person in a four-week timeframe

Welcome to the Four-Week MBA Resources section, this is a curated page, that will be enriched by time to time, in which you will find all the most important resources available on this blog, but in a downloadable format, so that you can consume the content also off-line. Everything reported in these guides is the fruit of my personal, professional and entrepreneurial experience. Each of those resources if carefully studied can help you become a better business person in a relatively short period.

Who are these resources for?

These resources are primarily for people that want to improve their business acumen, build a business from scratch, or further grow their existing business. While those resources are mainly based on digital companies. The resources, case studies, and examples explored can help anyone in any industry to understand the logic behind companies that dominate the economic landscape!

Business Models Guide Ebook


This is an introductory guide to business modeling. It has plenty of case studies, and it focuses on many kinds of businesses. From more traditional, to primary digital businesses. 

Business Strategy Guide Ebook


This is a must-read introductory guide to business strategy. It covers primarily digital business strategy. But the principles and approaches explored in this ebook can be applied to any business. 

Business Development Guide Ebook


This is an introductory guide to one of the critical elements for any business success: business development. In this guide, you will learn what is and what’s not and how you can use business development to grow or to build your business. 

Growth Marketing Guide Ebook


This is an introductory guide to growth marketing, the discipline that can help you speed up the growth process for your digital business or your business that needs traction through digital acquisition channels. We’ll explore key resources, case studies, and examples that can help you in growing your company or to become a better business person.

Market Segmentation Guide Ebook


This is an introductory guide to understand what’s market segmentation, how to use it and the tools available to marketers and businesses to target their audiences with the utmost detail. The whole aim of segmenting a market is to find the audience and set up sales processes that allow a company to generate repeatable sales.

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