How To Submit A Guest Post

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The guidelines to follow to submit your post:

a post should be between 850 and 1,000 words
It must not have been previously published
well-written and in-depth
within your area of interest or expertise
write something that you would want to read yourself

Do you meet the above guidelines?

Then send the article at

Include a brief bio at the top. 

With the following details:

the name of your company (with a link to your website);
other relevant links (to your book page if you are a writer, or to your Twitter/LinkedIn account or any other link that is truly useful to understand who you are)

Submit the completed article. 

Attach the article as a Microsoft Word document.

What’s next? 

I reserve the right to edit the article at my discretion. If you don't receive an answer within a week then feel free to submit it to any other website.