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In the last years, I’ve been dissecting business models of any type, and companies of any size. At the same time, I’ve been talking, interviewing, and discussing business models and business model innovation with dozens of entrepreneurs and practitioners.

I’ve been doing that for several reasons:

  • To gain a better understanding of businesses around me. As I had the option to gain a Ph.D. on the topic or to create my Ph.D. I went for the latter, and in the process, I thought to document it all on FourWeekMBA. Over time I wanted to create the business school I always dreamed of.
  • Business models enabled me to gain insights into how companies worked at a holistic level so that I could become a better digital entrepreneur.
  • Business modeling also helped me test the assumptions around the business I was trying to build, thus reducing the time or potential financial resources spent on a project which was doomed to failure.

In short, I found myself using business modeling for several reasons, and those I believe are all legitimate. At the same time, while researching the topic with the mindset of an entrepreneur but the depth of reach of a Ph.D. I noticed how the business model and business model innovation had become widely adopted concepts.

And also (and probably for that reason) widely misunderstood. Business model innovation is about increasing the success of an organization with existing products and technologies by creating a compelling value proposition able to allow an organization to scale up customers, with a better operating model.

At its core business model innovation is a subtle change, that as it becomes hard to dissect from the outside world (in many cases business model innovation is detected only in hindsight), it is also hard to copy.

Thus, in a world where technology gets commoditized, business model innovation can make a huge difference.

Who is this book for?

The content part of the book is well suited for several use cases. Whether you are a professor who needs ideas for the classes, a business student wanting to take the business knowledge to the net level , an entrepreneur looking for various ways business can be done, aspiring entrepreneur, analyst, product developer, investor, venture capitalist, or just, like me, an extremely curious person, you’re in the right place.

How to read this book

This book has been thought on purpose in a format that doesn’t require it to be read in order. There is no precise storyline. Instead, you can go through it depending on your curiosity, needs, and also randomly, if you wish.

You will learn valuable business lessons by going through several case studies in the book.

Here and there you will find an additional section called “Business Pro Tip” where you will learn additional lessons to capitalize and potentially apply back to your business!

This is the most advanced guide on business models that you can find. An over 700 pages ebook, covering many case studies, practical analyses, systems, and business models.

Through this master book, you can learn, improve your business acumen, and borrow parts of those models, to test them out to build, grow, or scale a business. Or to simply have an advanced understanding of the business world, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Master 100 business models dominating our times. A master guide from FourWeekMBA, in ebook format, to be consumed at your own pace!

Book features:

  • 772 pages.
  • 173916 words.
  • 100 case studies.
  • Dozens of business pro tips.
  • 4 core sections.
  • Hundreds of images.
  • And original analyses by FourWeekMBA.
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This book is available only here, on FourWeekMBA.