What Is A Decacorn? The Era Of Decacorn Companies

A Decacorn is a company valued at over $10 billion. The top ten Decacorn Companies as of January 2019, comprise Bytedance, Uber, Didi Chuxing, WeWork,, Airbnb, SpaceX, Palantir Technologies, Stripe and JUUL Labs.

With the rise of consumer technologies able to have worldwide traction, unicorns seem to be no longer the rule. In other words, a decade ago a billion-dollar valuation was a strong position to be which allowed the company in that position to create a long-lasting advantage.

However, as of now 2019, this paradigm seems to have shifted toward Decacorn Companies, those that managed to reach over a ten billion dollar valuation!

Those Decacorns operate in the following industries:

  • Digital Media/ AI
  • On-Demand
  • Facilities
  • Fintech
  • eCommerce/Marketplace
  • Other Transportation
  • Big Data
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Social
  • Blockchain
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer Hardware & Services
  • Internet Software & Services
  • Hardware

From the list above you can appreciate the business models used by Decacorn Companies in 2019.

Who do you think will be the next Decacorn? 

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