The Ultimate Directory For B2B Lead Generation

Imagine the case you are selling software that is thought to optimize the cost processes for local shops. How do you start prospecting? Of course, you can jump on the street and go.

Or better yet, find the online database, open and available.

What if one of those databases is just there, but you never noticed? Or perhaps you’ve been using it all along but for a different purpose (like finding a restaurant), but never thought about it as an excellent tool for prospecting?

Google My Business as the world’s greatest business directory

If you need to get going with your prospecting activity, rather than thinking it through too much, just start with simple local searches that can help you filter out the businesses you’re looking for.

For instance, with a simple search like “shop new york” you can access an entire directory of businesses in the area:

Start searching for simple local things, just like you do in your spare time when you’re looking for a restaurant or else. Then click on “more places” to jump inside the Google My Business entire listing.
From there you will find a whole list of potential leads, locally, with numbers, opening hours and much more. You also have Google Reviews that help you understand the business and what customers think about it.
Inside the Google My Business Directory you can find hundreds of potential leads, there, available for your prospecting.
You can also filter this search per very restricted areas of the city, to go as in-depth as possible with your analysis.

So who said you needed to be a data scientist or to buy the ultimate tool for prospecting, when you have right there, hundreds, if not thousands of potential prospects that you can filter, review and study before prospectintg.

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