History of Amazon

  • 1994-2005: in the early day Amazon, through the vision of Jeff Bezos was among the most prominent Internet players. Amazon had placed substantial bets on various companies and it had quickly scaled its operations. Starting from books, by the late 1990s, Amazon had already expanded into other categories, and Jeff Bezos had placed investments in various Internet startups. As the dot-com bubble burst, though, Amazon not only lost substantial amounts of money into failed bets (the epitome of that was the bankruptcy of Pets.com one of the key bets the company had placed) but it shrank in value, and many analysts predicted its demise. However, in those years, especially in the early 2000s Amazon changed its business playbook. It cut all the investments in things it could not directly control and it started to move from an e-commerce company to a platform business model
  • 2005-2015: By the mid-2000s Amazon had set the stage for a complete change in its business model. The company had also started to experiment with various programs and products. Some were a complete failure (like the Kindle Fire Phone) and others would turn out into incredible products, and business segments (Amazon Prime, Amazon Advertising, and Amazon AWS). 
  • 2015-2020: By the year 2015, Amazon had turned into a tech giant already, and it showed the world, finally, that not only it had survived but that it had the ability to scale at an international level. In these years, Amazon showed the world the incredible numbers behind Amazon AWS (most business players were astonished and other companies like Microsoft and Google started to double down on cloud computing as they saw the success of AWS). And the company managed to expand in Europe, Mexico, and India and tried hard also to break into China. 

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