Business Model Tools for Small Businesses and Startups

In this article, we’ll see three one-page tools to give entrepreneurs clarity of mind on their overall business in order to take actions to build a sustainable venture that unlocks value for many players in the long-term.

Business model canvas

The nine building blocks of the business model canvas comprise vital partners, key activities, value propositions, customer relationships, customer segments, critical resources, channels, cost structure, and revenue streams.

The business model canvas comprises nine building blocks:


Lean startup canvas

The lean startup canvas is an adaptation of the business model canvas by Alexander Osterwalder, which adds a layer to the traditional business model canvas that focuses on problems, solutions, key metrics and unfair advantage based on a unique value proposition.

You can learn more about the lean startup canvas:

What is the lean startup methodology?


Value proposition canvas

A value proposition is about how you create value for customers. Value Proposition Canvas is a methodology which integrated with the business model canvas can help you design a value proposition for your business model.

For a deep dive into the value proposition canvas:


Key takeaway

Building a startup, a small business or a solo business isn’t a simple process.

Instead, that is a process that requires a lot of ongoing experimentation, feedback loops with customers, back to the product and back to the market.

This process can be simplified with simple tools that in a page can allow the entrepreneur to have a clear idea about the business and start taking actions to build a sustainable business model!

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Handpicked business models:

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