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With one of the broadest audiences and psychographics on earth, Facebook is still one of the most effective marketing platforms for brands to build both brand awareness and sales funnels. As part of a digital marketing strategy, leveraging social media can effectively build a solid company.

Why you should be using Facebook Marketing?

People spend tons of your time on Social Media during their day and particularly on Facebook. it’s is exorbitantly enormous for a business of any size to ignore. Your business needs a Facebook page. you recognize this — along these lines do 40 million unique associations. Facebook is that the spot your future customers hang around. 

The ordinary individual consumes 28 percent of their time online on relational associations — or 1.72 hours of the day. 

Facebook Earnings Reports

The ordinary American experiences around 40 minutes just on Facebook — sharing and Liking content. consistent with the analytics, the purchasers on Facebook Like quite 4.1 million posts, discuss various articles and photos and have interaction with tons of pages, groups, etc. Facebook features a huge, related to a customer base that contributes an insane proportion of vitality there every single day of reliably.

Creating Ads on Facebook

Creating Ads on Facebook is the Simplest of all, you just need to set a goal, set the audience, add media creatives, set budget and placement, and run ads.

Select a goal for the Ad Campaign

Now, on Facebook, you’ll choose between a couple of campaign objectives that match your advertising goals. for instance, if you’re looking to drive traffic to a physical location you’d use “Local Awareness”. If you’re driving traffic to an internet site, you would like to use “Conversions”.

Here’s the entire list of Facebook campaign objectives available:

  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Product catalog sales
  • Store traffic
  • Messages
  • Brand awareness
  • Local awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic

Give Your advertising campaign a name

After you decided on the campaign type, let’s give our campaign a name. this might appear to be a reasonably simple step, but it’s vital to adopt useful naming conventions for your campaigns once you start with Facebook advertising so you’ll easily organize your campaigns as you scale and run more of them. It also sets you up for hyper-efficient reporting afterward when it comes time to research your results.

For example, you ought to always include the date range the campaign is going to be running in your campaign name. counting on whether you’re advertising for your own business or clients, you’ll add more elements in your campaign name

Hopefully, this provides you some good ideas to stay your campaigns organized and simplify reporting afterward with custom campaign names. After you decide on your objective, you’ll also prefer to create a split test on the campaign or optimize your budget.

Creating a split test, or an A/B test allows you to run experiments and collect data that shows you the simplest performing creative, placement, audience, and delivery optimization strategies.

Set up or Create a Target Audience

Here you are given options to create a new target audience according to the buyer’s persona; else you can even select the saved audience that you might’ve created in the previous time. 

Also, a custom audience or lookalike audience can be taken into consideration for performing better targeting. Facebook provides a unique code, named Facebook Pixel, you can add this Pixel to your website so that you can track it efficiently.

Select the placement of your Ads

Facebook will be placing your ads according to its understanding and algorithm if you do not select your options for the placement of Ads.

  If you choose the best placements for your Facebook ads you will be able to see the best results, following is the list of placements that you can use;

  • Feed 
  • Instant Articles
  • In-stream videos
  • Right column 
  • Marketplace
  • Stories. 

Also from Facebook ads manager, you can make Instagram ads, you can post Instagram ads on stories and feeds. You can even post ads on Facebook Messenger as sponsored messages and in the inbox too.

Set up your campaign budget

Here you will find the option for Facebook ads’ bidding and budgeting you can use that according to the best suitable option for your business.

Upload creatives

You can add carousels. Images, videos, or a group of items known as the collection. Be sure your social media creative tells a story and is engaging with the user. 

The final steps include writing Ad copy and linking the websites, and then you can launch your Facebook Ad campaign. 

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