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Quora is among the most popular Q&A platforms, where people can post questions and get answers to any question. Quora is also a great content marketing platform, where it’s possible, with the right strategy to amplify your content and build a strong brand and convert traffic in potential customers.

Why should you choose Quora for Marketing?

There are a lot of ranking keywords available on Quora, a lot of groups formed in the name of “Digital Marketing”, “Digital Marketing Consultant”, “Online Business”, are already available and it can bring huge traffic to your website. So given an example when a Question is posted, “Which is the best strategy to grow Instagram?” You can post a few details about the answer and then try to chip in your expertise and about your business (If you are an Instagram expert), with that you can even attach your profile link or the link which will take the reader to your website. And similarly, there are thousands of questions available to answer. 

Being active on the platform is very important,  By responding to the questions on Quora that are in sync with your industry, you can picture your skills on Quora’s platform and create an image of your brand in the eyes of the readers. By this, we mean to say, you can impact the questioners and readers to know you better, when they will see more and more answers from you and that too quality ones, they will have a perception of you being the best, and then the gameplay is all yours. 

How can you get the best out of Quora?

On this platform, you are the problem solver. Imagine the Celebrity and TV stars, we become their fan by seeing their actions and acting skills on the television, and after that, if they associate themselves with a brand of fashion, gadgets, electronics, etc. we tend to purchase that, they become our influencers. The same analogy can be applied for Quora Marketing, become people’s hero, you don’t have to become Will Smith of Aladin but at the least, you need to start from the Will Smith of Fresh Prince. It may take some time for you to get noticed, but your content is never-ending, so the traffic will be never-ending.

Know your Audience on Quora

When you post an answer on Quora, you will be able to see the statistics of that particular answer. You will be able to see the number of views for that answer, how the people landed on this answer, was it just my usual internet surfing, etc. You should keep in mind all these stats and work according to this, your plan here is to become their hero and influence them so that they come to your website or profile.

How you write your answers on the platform is very vital

If you are not a Grammar nazi, become one. If your language is not a polished one or even a good readable form, people will stop reading your answers and it will create a bad impact among your readers, this will sooner or later be visible on your stats too. 

Quora comes with extensive Text Editing tools that you can use to write and format your answers. This gives a positive impression of yours on the reader and it makes it easy for the reader to glance, read, and imbibe what they see. Bullet form of writing or numbered writing for easy reading, Bold, Italics, etc. are some of the formatting tools, just as same as the Email or Gmail provides.

You should create links in the posted answer itself so that it is easy to read and doesn’t feel that you are trying to push sales. Rather than giving a separate link after the answer, try to incorporate the link within your sentences, easy?

Add an image to keep them hooked

People do read a lot of answers on Quora, but the answers which have images or photos attached to it get more reads, views, and engagement. 

When someone searches for something on Quora, they get a preview image and a preview text from the search results, just like any other platform, or say YouTube, the best post with the perfect picture gets the deal done. 

Get their eyes on you, get upvotes

As we discussed at the initial part of this section that, you should be very active on the platform. Answer as many questions as possible, understand their problem and answer it accordingly, answer the question right away, as quickly as possible but in the pursuit of time, do not lose quality. 

If you are giving a feeling of much relatability to the users, they will surely start upvoting you on the platform, and hence your influence will grow to altogether the next level.

Link your Social Media accounts on Quora

You have to become an influencer, you are impacting people on Quora, let them follow you on various other platforms where they will get even more ideas and plans about you and your business. Link your Quora account with various other social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. You must add your website too for better traffic. 

Do not lose the Quality of your answers

It is fine if you are not able to answer a few questions, it is completely alright if you are late to answer a particular question, but as we said earlier, do not ever post copied content or irrelevant answer to any question. Do not ever lose the quality of your answers, remember you are here to create an impact, keep it positive. 

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