Twitter Marketing Complete Guide For Beginners

Twitter is usually known for short messaging, with a word limit of just 280 characters, Twitter asks you to be quick and effective in terms of communication. With around 321 million monthly active users Twitter can be a great source to create brand awareness. Indeed, as of today, Twitter is still among the most popular social news platforms.

In today’s digital age, your ability to get your company’s name out there is reliant on people’s perception of you. Social media now plays a massive part in that, and it can make or break a business, depending on how well people relate to you and the content you put out.

After all, unless you can provide a uniquely valuable experience for your readers and followers, chances are they won’t keep coming back. 

The key is to create the sort of content that provides value to those in your niche. This demonstrates your expertise on the topic and also builds goodwill with them, because you are providing them with something of value without asking much, if anything, in return.

So how can you create content that more people will be apt to find relatable and share with others? The following are some of the biggest and easiest tactics you can utilize to quickly improve your company’s online reputation and get more followers on social media.

Provide Value

The amount of value you provide is one of the most important factors in the online community’s perception of your business. When you don’t create content that people find valuable, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to see long-term growth.

The reputation your business has for competence is tied to everything that you do and everything that people do with your business.

Because of this, it’s also unlikely that your word of mouth marketing will be successful, which will inevitably mean fewer eyes on the products and services you provide, fewer clients, and less revenue.

The most valuable type of content will differ depending on your target audience. To determine what your ideal followers would view most positively, it’s important to get to know them.

This can be done with things like online polls, a look at your competitors’ content, and the most frequently asked questions in your sales cycle.

All of these can give significant insight into your target audience and help you build up the number of followers on your social media channels.

Even better, employing tactics like these are free, which means it costs you nothing to distribute content that can get you more followers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

Don’t Buy Followers

No matter what you do, DON’T buy followers. This is a bad idea for many reasons, but there are two major ones.

First, it perpetuates the idea that your company is inauthentic. This is because most, if not all, of the followers you buy will be fake accounts, not real people, meaning your business couldn’t bring in that number on its own.

And although your new high follower count may seem great at first, it would have long-term consequences for both your company’s reputation and its ability to bring in revenue.

People don’t want to invest in inauthentic businesses that do shady practices, and your goal as a company should be to build trust, NOT destroy it. And of course, buying followers is against Twitter’s terms of service, meaning you run the risk of having your account banned. 

It’s not a One Way Road

Whenever you’re trying to grow your Twitter following, remember it isn’t a one-way road. Just as much as you want to speak to your audience, they want to speak to you. Thankfully, there are all sorts of helpful tools you can use to get this done.

There are all sorts of different ways you can use polls on Twitter to provide valuable insights and interactivity not only to your audience but for your own business as well. 

There are other ways to include your follower’s voices in the conversation as well. Anytime you have an in-person event or something like a webinar, you can invite them to tweet about it, perhaps even starting a hashtag that can get others involved – and thus earn you even more followers.

This kind of interactivity is critical to success on Twitter. While some people may like a lecture, most don’t. It is good to remember that Twitter is not a college classroom.

While everyone might be here to learn something, they want it to be in the sort of environment where they can openly and easily express their own opinions on things.

Be Patient

Putting all of these tactics into practice can have a huge impact on your follower count and long-term growth potential.

Some will take effect immediately, but not all of the results will be fast and easy. It takes patience and consistency to grow your social media following, no matter which platform you choose to target. 

This patience will be rewarded in the long run when your Twitter following really starts to build upon itself. It will be one of the most valuable marketing tools for your brand, and best of all, it can be completely free.

This will be the reward that your business reaps for putting in the hours and the investment to grow an organic Twitter following. Whatever you do, just don’t try to shortcut the process, as this will inevitably backfire. What are you waiting for, go forth and market!

How can you create a Marketing Strategy for Twitter? 

A Twitter marketing strategy may be a plan centered around creating, publishing, and distributing content for your buyer personas, audience, and followers through the social media platform. The goal of this sort of strategy is to draw in new followers and leads, boost conversions, improve brand recognition, and increase sales.

Creating a Twitter marketing strategy would require you to follow the equivalent steps and strategies you’d if you were creating the other social media marketing strategy. As we discussed the Buyer persona, remember? You need to create one. And when you have found the Consumer persona, you should be then moving ahead to generate content that is engaging, educative, informative, entertaining, etc. do what suits your business theme. You can then schedule your posts on Twitter using the Social Media scheduling platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, etc. 

The easiest way of creating a brand image and marketing on Twitter is to create a proper profile with all legit details;

Creating a Business Profile on Twitter

You might have heard the sentence, the first impression is the last, so whenever a person hops on to your profile, the look and feel of the profile will matter the most. So, create subtle art on your profile and never leave any gaps of doubt. The user who visited your profile should immediately get to know that this profile and this business is legitimate one.

Elements of a Twitter Business Profile

Twitter handle/Username on Twitter

 Now, this is often your account name, and it’s how audiences can find you on Twitter. Generally, you would like your handles to be consistent across social media and include your name.

Profile Picture 

Your profile photo appears next to each tweet you send, so you would like it to seem sharp. Use your logo or wordmark, and confirm to use the proper dimensions for a transparent and crisp image.

Cover photo/Header image

Your header image appears on your profile page, and you’ll want to update it more often than your profile photo. It can reflect current campaigns, provide information, or offer insight into your company culture.


The most important element of a Twitter Profile is the Bio it has. The Bio should be clean, short, and to the point. In the above example, the Bio is very short and we feel it is very short, just to the point, with no other information.

Now, check this profile which has a clean Bio, it gives a humorous and funny notion to the reader, hence it will get more engagement.


You can add your company’s website, a link for special offers, events, etc. you should never leave this section empty. The profile with proper details will always get more traction and engagement than any other profile. 

Use Twitter polls for Marketing of your Business

Polls are famous everywhere, on Instagram, on YouTube, on Twitter too. It gives a sense of understanding to you and people are always happy to give their opinion about something. Polls have a lot of benefits associated with them and a few of them are;

  • They can help you to find out what your customer wants
  • They can help you understand the content to be posted
  • You can find your consumer’s opinion
  • Acts as a part of the research

Use the right set of Hashtags

Twitter was the one to start the trend of Hashtags and it remains to stay number one in that genre. Hashtags are a very valuable asset for the marketing and growth of any profile and to your business too. Twitter hashtags will always support you to boost your tweets and give you an exponentially increasing engagement. Ever seen when the trending news and gossips get a hashtag and when the normal Twitter users make use of these hashtags in their tweets, the algorithm supports them and they are ranked in a higher position.

So after thorough research of Hashtags on Twitter, you can make use of them and even ask your followers and prospective consumers to use it in their tweets

Run Ads on Twitter

So running Advertisement campaigns on Twitter is a bit different than all the other platforms, it has various types of Ad campaigns;

Promoted Tweets look tons like regular Tweets. What’s different is that an advertiser is paying to display the content to people that aren’t already following that advertiser on Twitter. Like ordinary Tweets, they will be liked, retweeted, and commented on. But they’re labeled as an ad: they’re going to always say “Promoted” within the lower left-hand corner. Promoted Tweets also can contain video and can autoplay in users’ timelines. If the video is a smaller amount than 60 seconds, then the video loops.

Instead of promoting only one Tweet, this sort of Twitter ad allows you to market your brand’s entire Twitter account. It targets users who don’t already follow your brand and may help grow your business’s Twitter following. Promoted Accounts can be seen in potential followers’ timelines. The ad also will show within the Who to Follow suggestions and in search results.

Twitter’s trending topics may be a high-turnover list on Twitter’s right-hand side. this is often a set of the foremost popular topics and hashtags getting used in real-time. Users can interact with a Promoted Trend within the same way they’d interact with the other trending topic. What’s different is that the spot a brand purchases will display as ‘Promoted’ for targeted users. A Promoted Trend also will show together of the primary spots under the “Trends for you” section, both within the Explore tab and within the timeline. When users click on the Promoted Trend, they’re going to see search results for that topic with a promoted Tweet from your brand at the highest.

Think of Promoted Moments as Twitter story ads. Twitter Moments are often created on the desktop and are a curated collection of comparable Tweets that tell a story. This format means your brand also can share Twitter story ads that are longer than 280 characters.

Running Ad campaigns

Just similar to Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter also has an Ads Manager. Which can be accessed at

Choose a goal for the Ad campaign

Twitter lets you choose the goal that you have in your mind. It can be the advertisement for;


Has two options Reach: which charges you according to CPM that is the cost per one thousand impressions, and Instream Video Views: You can run ads at the start of video available on the platform just like YouTube, you will be asked to pay for each video view.


(Image Source:

App re-engagements: Here you will be charged for each click user makes. If you want your app user to again open the app and use it, you can select this goal

  • Video views: you would like people to observe your videos or GIFs. You’re billed for every video view.
  • App installs: you would like people to put in your app. You’re billed for every app install.
  • Website clicks or conversions: you would like people to travel to your website. You’re billed per click.
  • Engagements: you would like to maximize engagement together with your Promoted Tweets. You will be charged as per the engagement but only on the initial engagement.
  • Followers: you would like to create your Twitter audience. You’re billed for every new follower.

Set up a Campaign

(Image Source:

You can set up the Ad name, timing, ad budget, and bidding type here.

Audience Targeting

According to the Demographics, language, etc. you can target them.

Choose the placement of your Ad

Just like Facebook and Instagram and Google gives you options to place ads, on Twitter you can do the same. 

Finally, now you can launch your Ad Campaign and also keep a check on your analytics. 

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