Continuous Intelligence Business Model

The business intelligence models have transitioned to continuous intelligence, where dynamic technology infrastructure is coupled with continuous deployment and delivery to provide continuous intelligence. In short, the software offered in the cloud will integrate with the company’s data, leveraging on AI/ML to provide answers in real-time to current issues the organization might be experiencing.

Sumo Logic and the rise of continuous intelligence

How Sumo Logic describes the process of continuous intelligence (Image Source: Sumo Logic S-1).

Continuous intelligence gets delivered as a service to enable continuous innovation. Below, some of the features that companies like Sumo Logic, describe it:

The platform of continuous intelligence is always on, scalable and secure. And it needs to have built-in, advanced analytics able to give real-time insights to the client’s firm.

Therefore some of the features of the continuous intelligence business model are:

  • Always on, current, scaling, elastic, learning (through advanced machine learning algorithms), and secure service.
  • Built-in, advanced analytics, uncovering patterns, and anomalies across the entire infrastructure and/or application stack.
  • Delivered via a subscription-based revenue model, coupled in some cases with consumption-based APIs.

Another key element of the Continous Intelligence Business Model is its real-time component:

  • Speed to value (fast to deploy).
  • Speed to resolution (fast troubleshooting).
  • Speed to discipline.

Continuous Intelligence to achieve Continuous Innovation

Continuous Intelligence is tied to the trend of continuous innovation achieved through:

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