AgileSHIFT And Why It Matters In Business

AgileSHIFT is a framework that prepares individuals for transformational change by creating a culture of agility.

Understanding AgileSHIFT

In a highly competitive environment, many businesses understand the importance of adopting agile methodologies in safeguarding future success. However, there is often discord within the organization as to how these practices might be implemented. 

Unfortunately, agile only works when the entire organization adopts a culture of agility. This means that the HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, and Legal departments need to work in unison.

In the context of AgileSHIFT, a culture of agility can be thought of as a “survive, compete, and thrive” mindset.

Ultimately, this mindset helps an organization move from its current state to a future, desired, agile state. AgileSHIFT provides guidance on how organizations can embrace a culture of enterprise agility and in so doing, build a resilient culture with a focus on delivering value to clients.

AgileSHIFT training incorporates

  • The reasons for change and why every employee needs to accept and embrace change. AgileSHIFT also recognizes common barriers to change on the individual and organizational levels.
  • A primer on agile and why the organization is adopting agile ways of operating. Clarification is also given on the difference between organizational agility and the specific techniques that enable it.
  • An agile framework that is appropriate for the specific needs of the business itself. In other words, what principles or practices will help individual employees embrace the new culture? There must be an “out-of-the-box” agile method that any team can implement easily and effectively.

Key benefits of AgileSHIFT to business

AgileSHIFT is a relative newcomer to the suite of agile processes. For those decision-makers unaware of the methodology, consider these benefits.

A targeted yet holistic approach. 

A unique feature of AgileSHIFT is that it considers the entire ecosystem of an organization. Instead of somewhat isolated individuals or teams being made aware of the change, the impetus for change is provided to every department. 

Institutional change that occurs simultaneously means that employees adapt to new circumstances at the same time. This means that transformation – which is often costly and time-consuming – can proceed relatively quickly and effectively. 


With the entire organization trained in agile, it can take advantage of new business opportunities more quickly. This might include the integration of new technology, accommodating new clients, or the re-organization of internal structure. 

If done correctly, each opportunity can give the business a competitive advantage.

Change is inevitable in business, but only the most prepared organizations will be able to use change to their advantage. 


To adequately prepare for change, the business must create a stable change environment. Businesses can facilitate this so-called ‘stable dynamism’ by hiring new talent or upskilling employees with appropriate agile training. Of course, the business must first recognize that agile traits are beneficial before they begin upskilling employees.

Key takeaways

  • AgileSHIFT is a framework that facilities a culture of change and enterprise agility within an organization.
  • AgileSHIFT training recognizes the barriers to change at the individual and organizational levels. To some extent, these barriers are overcome by espousing the benefits of agile practices and ensuring that they are simple to implement.
  • AgileSHIFT makes the process of change more cost-effective for businesses and makes them more adaptable to new opportunities. AgileSHIFT also creates a stable change environment that allows businesses to negotiate the inevitable nature of change itself.

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