Star Atlas Business Model

Star Atlas is a next-generation video game incorporating aspects of the metaverse and Solana blockchain. The game, where players travel through space to discover new planets and hidden treasures, was created by Michael Wagner and launched in December 2021. The full, PC-version release date has yet to be specified.

Star Atlas is a play-to-earn game where players earn money by selling NFT items in an online marketplace. Ships are one of the core assets in the Star Atlas metaverse represented by NFTs, allowing players to explore the universe, perform work on the game, and battle others. Players must also choose between a human, android, or alien faction and then help their faction expand its sphere of control in deep space.

Star Atlas and the metaverse

At present, the developers of Star Atlas are focused on economics. They believe that the metaverse could potentially attract billions of new users, so it is important to balance the release of new assets with user adoption rates. This will ensure that the economy on which Star Atlas is based does not suffer from hyperinflation.

To that end and since the full version has yet to be released, the business model of Star Atlas is currently focused on a phased release of game assets. This approach will enable the developers to raise the capital required to bring their full vision to life.

Phases include:

  • Phase 01 (Galactic Asset Offering) – after Star Atlas was launched, the first batch of in-game NFT assets were sold. While these assets could not be used in the game until the second phase, they were available for trade on decentralized exchanges. 
  • Phase 02 (Browser Mini Game) – Star Atlas was then launched as a browser-based minigame where asset purchases on the Solana blockchain were usable across the entire Star Atlas feature set. During this phase, there is continuing revenue from the sale of the minigame.
  • Phase 03 (Shipyard Module Sale) – production then commenced on Star Atlas in Unreal Engine 5, with the first milestone a shipyard module allowing collectors and players to see their final assets including ships, crew, and components. To fund this phase, another round of assets will be made available for purchase in addition to further revenue from minigame sales.
  • Phase 04 (Final Pre-Sale at Beta) – all pre-live assets will go on sale once the beta version is released. Assets will be fully playable immediately after purchase.
  • Phase 05 (Ongoing Sales) – in the final phase, revenue will occur from continuing sales of assets and concepts created by the Star Atlas development team. When the full version of the game is launched, production-ready assets will no longer be available for purchase (excluding Phase 03 beta version assets). Once this point is reached, the parent company of Star Atlas plans to collect transaction fees on all in-game trades.

Key takeaways:

  • Star Atlas is a next-generation video game incorporating aspects of the metaverse and Solana blockchain. A browser mini-game was released in late 2021, with a full version for PC in development but currently without a scheduled release date.
  • The business model of Star Atlas is currently focused on a five-phase release of NFT assets sold to players in its marketplace. This approach will also allow the developers of Star Atlas to bring their vision of the game to life.
  • Revenue will also come from ongoing sales of the browser minigame which was released in late 2021. Once the full version is live, the parent company of Star Atlas will collect transaction fees from in-game trades.
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