Agile vs DevOps

Agile is a methodology focused on lightweight software development cycles, with fast releases, iterations, and continuous improvements; DevOps is an organizational function that combines and integrates development and operations. In short, DevOps might help operationally to execute an agile methodology, but DevOps might also use other methods, even though Agile is among the most used in software development.

Agile started as a lightweight development method compared to heavyweight software development, which is the core paradigm of the previous decades of software development. By 2001 the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was born as a set of principles that defined the new paradigm for software development as a continuous iteration. This would also influence the way of doing business.
DevOps refers to a series of practices performed to perform automated software development processes. It is a conjugation of the term “development” and “operations” to emphasize how functions integrate across IT teams. DevOps strategies promote seamless building, testing, and deployment of products. It aims to bridge a gap between development and operations teams to streamline the development altogether.

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