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LinkedIn for Business is used on a very large scale, around 30 million+ brands, and businesses are using it. LinkedIn marketing tools available for each business size and sort, from small to large and B2B to B2C. LinkedIn is the most effective marketing tool not only for salespeople but also for brands and to build a strong corporate brand.

What does the platform provide?

LinkedIn may be a professional networking platform that was launched in 2003 for professional development and networking. While it primarily serves individual professionals, allowing them to post accomplishments and work histories, also as upload resumes and other supporting material, it also provides opportunities for businesses to post their hiring requirements, advertise and market new products and services, and the main thing, it helps people to connect and network with various individuals, and your prospective consumer. You can also connect with people using the messaging feature and the in-Mail service provided by the platform

For businesses, LinkedIn is an efficient tool for collaboration, sharing best practices, and targeted marketing efforts. Independent organizations can participate in various groups to expand their network, and executives and business owners can position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Now that you know you about the platform and have a brief idea of the same, let us understand how can you set up a Business Page on the platform. So, unlike Quora and Reddit Linkedin is not just about questions and answers, there’s more to it, and if we crack this code, we will then be capable to become the King of Linkedin Marketing.

Setup up Linkedin for Busines

Now there are a few steps involved while you set up your business on Linkedin, it involves page creation and a few more steps which are essential to advertise and market on Linkedin, let’s check them out.

Create a page for your Business on Linkedin

If you have some idea about Facebook Marketing, it asks you to create a page on the platform first and then move ahead, similarly, on Linkedin you have to create a page for your business before you start marketing on the platform. 

Create a Page


And create a page for your business, this is not like a normal Linkedin profile creation. Linkedin will take you to a different website for the creation of your business page and then you can move ahead, click on the Create page.

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Categorize your Business

After you visit the website and start creating a page, you will then be able to select the category of your business. Linkedin has categorized the size of the business according to the number of the employees the business has hired, fewer than 200 then it’s a Small Business, more than 200 then it’s a large business, and so on. If you are an educational institution you can select that option, else if you are looking to create a sub-page that will be associated with the existing page, select that option.

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Fill in the details about your Business

While you are filling in the details, there will be a page that will glance at you, show you a preview about what you are filling and how will it look, fill in all the details and also add a clear picture in the section of a profile picture.

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You will now be able to finish the page and then add the specifics like description, location of your company, hashtags you are targeting, etc.

Company description: The description that you write should have a theme of your business. Tell people about your vision, mission, values, and offer an outline of your products and services in three to four short paragraphs. Also, try to make your description oriented according to SEO. It is better to do that

Location: Add your store or office locations. you’ll add multiple addresses by selecting +Add Location.

Hashtags: Up to 3 hashtags are often added to form your profile more searchable. Pick hashtags that are commonly utilized in your industry which best fit your business.

Cover photo: Add polish to your profile with a background photo. Choose a picture that showcases your business. Avoid shots that are too busy or cluttered. The recommended size as directed by Linkedin for Business for the Cover photo is 1584 (width) x 396 (height) pixels.

Custom button: By adding a custom button, you are adding a CTA or a Call to Action button to your profile. Options available for the custom button include visit the website, contact us, learn more, register, and check-in. make certain to feature the corresponding URL so people that click the button land on the right page. confirm to feature a UTM parameter for tracking, too.

Manage language: If you’ve got a worldwide brand or multilingual audience, you’ll add your name, tagline, and outline in over 20 different languages.

How can you Market on Linkedin?

All of this just discussed was to tell you how can you take the initial steps towards the marketing of your Business on LinkedIn. Now, here we present to you the marketing tips for your Business on Linkedin.

Go Live on Linkedin

Just like going live on Instagram gives you a better reach Linkedin does the same. On any platform, if you go Live, there will be a perception of people, what does he/she have to say? Why they are live on Linkedin? What are they doing? Etc. and you can take advantage of this mindset. You can promote that you are going live on Linkedin on the platform itself and on other social media platforms too so that you get a good engagement

Post relevant content with consistency

Be it any platform, consistency with the quality of content will always be the topmost priority. So abide by it and create regular posts. Linkedin is a bit formal platform so try to be value-adding and educative with your posts.

Target the correct audience

Organic targeting on LinkedIn has always been the most effective marketing approach. Just like targeting works with Facebook, on Linkedin the business owner or the marketer will be able to target the audience as per job, the industry they are in, the level of seniority, demographics, the language they speak, etc.  

Create Sponsored posts and promote your business

You can promote the post that is already up on LinkedIn and do that here are a few steps.

Go to Publisher, then select Promote.

If you do not have a Page with a billboard account connected to Hootsuite, you will be prompted to try to do that the primary time you decide on Promote.

Select Find a post to sponsor

Now you can select an existing, already uploaded post. Posts containing quite one image (carousels) can’t be sponsored. Note, it can take up to 2 hours for post changes to seem during this list.

Select the LinkedIn Page and the ad account associated with it, to use to sponsor your post. Missing a LinkedIn Page that’s connected to Hootsuite? confirm you’ve got advertiser permissions for the ad account in LinkedIn Campaign Manager. If you’re a Team, Business, or Enterprise plan member, confirm you’ve got Advanced or Custom social network permissions for the LinkedIn Page.

Optionally, select Edit within the Objective section, then select from one among the subsequent advertising objectives to prioritize who to point out your sponsored post to:

Engagement – people that are likely to interact with the post (those likely to react, comment, or share).

Reach – the utmost number of individuals in your audience.

Select to focus on a selected audience for your ad. Select Edit next to the present choice to customize your audience by defining location, company information, demographics, education, job experience, and interests. Keep an eye fixed on the potential reach of your audience as you build it. If it becomes too small, you’ll want to get rid of a number of your audience parameters.

Select Enable LinkedIn Audience Network to create audiences using LinkedIn’s Audience Expansion feature. This feature expands your audience to LinkedIn members that share attributes with your audience. 

Set your Budget and therefore the Duration of your time you would like to run your ad.

Select Save sponsor settings & continue.

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