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Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing service providers are supposed to provide you a platform to send broadcast emails and autoresponders to your leads while ensuring proper segmentation, analytics, templates, and properly obeying commercial email regulations so that your emails won’t end in the spam box.

Examples of top email marketing providers

A few good examples are:

  • Constant Contact.
  • Drip.
  • Send In Blue.
  • AWeber.
  • Convert Kit.
  • Get Response.
  • And Mailchimp.

The Types of Emails You’ll Use in Email Marketing

In pushing your business with email marketing, there are three types of emails that you’ll rely on. They are Transactional emails, Relational emails, and Promotional emails.

Transactional emails are sent to your customers to confirm transactions they have made on your website. They include; 

Order Confirmations

When customers place orders, confirmation emails of such orders are sent to the customers. These emails have high open rates because the customer has just spent money, and wants to be sure that there is no mistake. If there are no issues, the customer is probably happy with the purchase and waiting to receive, you could seize this opportunity to suggest related items. If the customer orders equipment, you could recommend additional accessories that can enhance that equipment’s usage, and even if the customer doesn’t order immediately. He will have it in mind.

Purchase Receipts

Just like order confirmations, these emails are usually frequently opened because people definitely want to see their receipts and need a call-to-action button to make a complaint if something is off. Here you can throw them a survey about the user experience on your website; they may be happy to give this information, to help you serve them and others better.

Shipping Notices

This email s probably one that will be opened more than once as they want to grab hold of their shipping and tracking details. You should give a link to your website for tracking items; there is a huge chance they will navigate your website again and see other items they are interested in.

Return Confirmation

When customers return your product, then they are definitely disappointed and unhappy due to the fact that they have spent some time waiting for the order to get shipped and they have gotten something they don’t want, and they have to wait for a couple of hours or even days for a refund. This is a time to offer coupons and offers to persuade them to try you out once again. Even if they don’t take it, your excellent customer service can help salvage your reputation.

Relational Emails are used to engage subscribers and customers and keep your relationship with them intact. A few examples are:

New Subscriber Welcome

This email should be sent immediately to every new subscriber, telling them that they have signed up as subscribers to your updates, let them know what to expect and the value they will derive from being on your list. You should do the same for users who newly created an account with you, provide them login details. You can give them a link to frequently asked questions or other things that can make it easier to understand your services. 

Lead Magnets Delivery

You have most likely collected the details of an email subscriber by promising to give a free item of notable value. When you deliver this item, you should utilize survey tools to ensure that after consuming the freebies, they can say how helpful it is for them. This will always help you improve on your content to deliver the best available offer. 

Newsletters/Blog Articles/Events

Whenever you create content or host events, you should inform your subscribers in simple, straightforward messages, providing links to it. Backlinks to your website will improve your website authority and improve rankings for search engines. 

Support Tickets

Support tickets give you an opportunity to discuss a customer’s grievances, with several follow up emails to ensure customer happiness and satisfaction. If it cost the customer time or money, you can attempt to compensate with coupons.

 Promotional Emails are used to influence customer decisions to generate sales. While they can fetch you a lot of money and clicks, they should be used alongside relational content, personalizing the email to subscribers and customers, keeping them engaged, and they may just want to check out your promo. Some examples are:

Promotional Sale Announcements

Human beings naturally like free and cheap things, so an announcement of promotional sales will fetch you a lot of engagements because of the lower prices they anticipate from it. An example is the black Friday sales, announcing this will generate a lot of traffic and engagement to your website. People would love to seize the opportunity to buy items that were too expensive before that time. This also turns your customers and subscribers into marketers for you as they will be eager to tell their families and friends about the cheap deal they are about to get from your website.

New Product Release

Be quick to let your subscribers know about a very anticipated product, and even give the first few persons to buy a coupon or a discount. Make them anticipate the release as well, from a month to go, two weeks to go, a week to go, a few days to go, and the launch date. This action keeps interested customers on their toes, and they will make their purchases almost immediately. 

Methods by Which You Can Send Emails To Your Subscribers

You can either manually send emails to your subscribers via broadcasts to your entire list or a segmented part of your list. These are usually done for relational and promotional emails, although there are templates provided by your email service provider to make the process less stressful. You can also have templates to achieve this yourself.

You can automatically send emails to your customers and subscribers via Autoresponders, which are programmed to send an email when a customer triggers an action. For example, when a customer signs up and gets a confirmation link in his email address within seconds, it is a result of autoresponders. You can automate some relational emails. If your templates and algorithm are properly set, it won’t even look like an automated email. For many email marketers, the larger parts of their emails are automated. Autoresponders are created in advance to ensure that you send emails to customers at the appropriate time, walking your subscribers and customers through necessary processes and helping them make decisions.

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