Email Marketing Metrics To Build Successful Campaigns

Email marketing analytics is a tool provided by your email marketing service providers; it uses numbers and statistics to track the progress of your marketing strategy. You definitely do not want to just market and hope for returns without monitoring it. To know whether your strategy is working, you need to check the numbers, and usually, the numbers don’t lie. Your email marketing analytics will enable you to discover your open rates, click rates, delivery rate, unsubscribe rates, among others. This will help you filter your list for proper cleaning.

Key metrics to track for your email campaigns

Open rates

Your open rates, as the name implies, give you a report of how many people opened your email and when they opened them. The main factor that determines your open rate is how catchy your subject line is. If it isn’t intriguing, people may not be compelled to take a look at the content, or you send your emails at a time that isn’t the best for your audience. 

To improve your open rates, you should ensure that;

  • Your subject lines are catchy, drawing their attention and giving them an insight into the content of the email.
  • You do a proper market survey about your audience and other companies in your niche to determine a good send time and send cadence.
  • Your content should be valuable so that people who open once will definitely open your mails subsequently.

Click Rates

After opening your email and reading through the content, your subscribers are following your call-to-action. The amount of people who click on your CTA accounts for your click rates. The content of your email and how much value they can get from it is a huge determinant of whether they will take further action or just close it. This is why this guide never gets tired of reiterating the importance of valuable content.

To improve your click rates, you should ensure that;

  • Your content quality remains very high to engage your subscribers.
  • You properly segment your audience to adequately personalize useful content to each segment.
  • You should remove links that have very low clicks, as your audience probably doesn’t want it, and you should find a way to strategically repeat links that people like for more people to see it in the future.

Unsubscribe Rate

No matter how valuable your email content is, some people will unsubscribe. However this becomes alarming when the rate is too high, then you are doing something wrong. People unsubscribe because they do not get what they want or because they feel choked by your email frequency.

To reduce this rate, you need to;

  • Have an autoresponder that communicates with every subscriber that unsubscribes with a survey. This will give you a hint as to what you are doing wrong.
  • Ensure that you are sending valuable messages to each segment of your subscribers. If they don’t find the content they receive useful, they might as well unsubscribe.
  • Reduce the number of promotional emails you send, and relate with them with increased value.

Delivery Rate

Your delivery rate is the number of emails that successfully gets to the recipient’s inbox without bouncing. Bounces are the major causes of reduced delivery rate, and to improve your delivery rate, fix your soft bounces. It is also important that your email marketing service you use adhere to the regulations of your region. In the United States, it is mandated that all commercial emails must include unsubscribing buttons, clearly show the senders postal address, avoid deceptive subject lines, and many more. These regulations differ in different regions.

Complaint Rate

Complain rate is the percent of emails “marked as spam” out of the total emails sent. If your complaint rate increases, it will affect your deliverability to others who didn’t even complain, as email vendors will consider it spam. To reduce your spam rate, clean your list regularly, and remove subscribers who have marked you as spam.

Proper email analytics will also give you an insight into how much money your list makes you. If you have a list of 10,000 people and from your email marketing clicks you earn $50,000, you’d definitely know that not all 10,000 people have fetched you that money; you need to remove the spam complaints, unsubscribes, bounces to get an idea of how many people made you that money. Then you can carefully add more subscribers, and you’ll watch your revenue grow.

In conclusion, if you have ever been in the school of thought that Email marketing is dead, you are wrong, and it is time to backtrack on that. With proper strategy, it is one of the best digital marketing approaches available to business owners, big or small. So get started today, let your subscribers enjoy value from you, and take some of their money in return. Good luck!

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