Who Owns Ferrari?

Ferrari’s top individual shareholders include Exor (the Holding company of the Agnelli Family, also the owner of FIAT Chrysler) with 24% of its shares, Piero Ferrari (son of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the company), and other institutional investors like BlackRock and T. Rowe Price Associates. Ferrari runs a car luxury business model famous for its iconic models, which in 2019 made over €3.7 billion in revenues ($4.3 billion) in sales.

Ferrari’s top shareholders

Ferrari’s top shareholders comprise Piero Ferrari, son of Enzo, the iconic founder of the company, based in Maranello, Italy. Another major shareholder is Exor the private holding company of the Agnelli family, which also controls the FIAT Chrysler Automotive group (data source: Ferrari Financials).

Ferrari’s value propositions

The different cars Ferrari offers based on the value proposition for Ferrari’s customer base (Image Source: Ferrari Financials).

Ferrari cars have four core value propositions: sportiness, performance, elegance, comfort & versatility, and anything between that. Perhaps cars like F8, Stradale and Superfast are a combination of performance and sportiness. Roma is instead all about elegance, while the GTC4 Lusso is about elegance and comfort.

Ferrari’s mindset is not just about performance, but what the company calls “driving emotions” or the sweet spot between Performance and Versatility (Image Source: Ferrari Financials).

Ferrari’s personalization offers

(Image Source: Ferrari Financials).

As a car luxury company, Ferrari offers highly customizable interiors and exteriors.

Ferrari’s personalization offers move from “Carrozzeria Scaglietti” to the top-line of customization level, the One-off.

  • Ferrari offers a wide catalog of personalizations in the Special Equipment program, from luggage sets to special paints and much more.
  • With Tailor-Made personalizations, Ferrari offers a designer that will assist the customer in applying specific customization levels to the car.
  • The maximum level of personalization is achieved through the One-Off, with limited edition cars that count a few models globally.

Ferrari’s cars

The wide range of Ferraris available, each with a set of characteristics designed to appeal to a specific customer type. From extremely performant cars, which are all about sportiness, to more elegant and comfortable cars (Image Source: Ferrari Financials).

Ferrari revenue model

With 10,131 cars sold in 2019, 48.3% of those cars sold in Europe and Middle East (the largest buyer of Ferrari is the UK with 1,120 cars), followed by Americas (the whole continent), Mainland China and rest of the Asia Pacific Region (Data Source: Ferrari Financials).
In 2019, Ferrari made over 3.7 billion euros in revenues, which is more than $4.3 billion, with a net profit of 699 million euros (Data Source: Ferrari Financials)

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