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Gone are the days when people used to put a 100 feet hoarding for their brand promotion and advertisement of their products and services. We have seen giants investing thousands and millions on the traditional marketing tactics, which rendered them results back then. But this is 2020 and things have taken a humungous swing from that time, we are talking about the time people used to rely on Traditional Digital Marketing strategies and action plans. No, we do not say that Traditional Marketing was a fad, and was not effective or worth the money invested. But if we compare that to the new age of Digital Marketing it is an outdated affair, an obsolete package which should not and cannot be used for your Business.

Let us understand the scenario with the help of a Business Branding idea. Given an example, you are running a shop where you make and sell desserts. Some of the most exotic ones and you are one of your kind. You are wanting people to know you and want them to drop by your cafe cum lounge and enjoy the amazing piece of happiness. 

You plan to put up a huge hoarding that displays details of your shop with some real mouth-watering and pleasing visuals, and maybe a discount offer too. You might know that these kinds of hoardings will not charge you peanuts, rather if the finances are not on point Business owners will only be left with peanuts. They charge a lot, and a lot is an understatement here. But how can you make sure that the footfall you are getting inside your cafe cum lounge is coming after viewing that advertisement you put up? You cannot even figure out how many people viewed it, liked it, or hated the ad. Yes! There might be some element of the Ad that the people didn’t like if you knew that you may have done changes too.

Also, with this, you won’t be able to see how many men, women, boys, and girls are viewing or liking your big fat hoarding. What are their interests, rather what is your clients’ interests, likes, dislikes? What are their demographics, psychographics, you won’t be able to document anything? And today’s new-age Digital Marketing and Online Business works on data and not on perception or ideology. So the problem here was not belief, it was the drawbacks and to overcome all of those Digital Media came into existence.

The rise of Digital Marketing

It has been almost more than 30 years, three decades we have seen exponential growth in the online business world and also in the ways Digital Marketing works. This is the age where people cannot live without the internet, cannot survive without mobile phones, tablets, cannot work their day out without their laptop or desktop PC. People are every day uploading millions of footage and data on their social media platforms, tonnes of searches and downloads are happening on Google every day. People engage with a lot of their age-old and new online friends and followers on a day to day basis. The eCommerce industry has seen a boom over some time and people’s purchasing capacity of products and services has taken a spike, whether it’s their needs or wants but the ability to make online transactions has been increased. And this is the best time for Brands, Businesses, Online coaches, Consultants, and Growth Hackers to be online and utilize the power of Digital Marketing, take advantage of the current machinery. 

To be honest, this eBook is not just a handbook that teaches you Facebook and Instagram Ads, but this will even show you the platforms which are less exposed to people and marketers, also business owners mostly go with Facebook, Instagram, and Google to fulfill their Digital Marketing needs. But platforms like Reddit, Quora, Twitter, etc. are also there you must know and available to publish and promote your business and sell your products and services online.

This book will explain to you the ins and outs of Digital Marketing, some of the topics may include Social Media Marketing, channels of products and services’ promotion, Quora Marketing, using TikTok for the benefit of your Business, Going viral with tweets and videos, and a lot of strategies that you can use for the benefit of your business

You might get a lot of articles, blogs, and other readable materials to learn and imbibe the advantages, disadvantages, ideas, and strategies related to Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, etc. But here we are trying to go a bit further, walk the extra mile to show you various other available channels on the internet. Digital Marketing is all about telling a story with your brand, making a full proof indisposable funnel so that the customer goes through a journey where you add value to his/her life, make things better for them, solve their problems, entertain them, educate them, and a lot many things which depend on what industry you are working in and what is your niche

Understanding the idea of Digital Marketing 

Whether you are a Service based company or you are into sales of products, be it manufacturing or trade. Your main idea of running a business is generating revenue and making a change in your market. Now how will you reach the target audience of your choice, how ill the audience be able to see you as a brand in the market, how will the transactions happen? Your communication vehicle in the new era is Digital Marketing.

Today brands and businesses in the new age are using the technology, taking advantage of the platforms available on the internet and making good sales, and generating appropriate revenue out of it. Mobile applications, websites, social media platforms, forums, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, promotions can happen anywhere and everywhere and to do this you have to create a Digital Marketing Strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy: How to create one?

Creating a Marketing or a Business strategy can be different for different brands and businesses, if you think that you can rig a game of copy-pasting someone else’s ideas, some other brands marketing gimmick, or the strategy with which they work, you will not see any fortune for your business. You see it takes time to build a business fortune and hence you need to be patient with the Digital Marketing Strategy, you should be investing the maximum amount of your time here. If you take this step with proper execution, fifty percent of your job is done there. Yes! It is true, to build a strategy it may take some time, to take the initial step you may feel a bit frustrated but this is the time you are making your business learn. And you must know are learning with your business.

It may seem a bit difficult to create a bulletproof Digital Marketing Strategy, but we have subdivided the process into a few steps, easy to understand, simple to execute, so let’s check it out.

Create your Buyer’s Persona

To build a business you must know who is your target audience and where is your target market located. The buyer’s persona or Customer’s persona is something like an actual human being, consider calling him/her as your best friend, you know everything about them, rather you need to research to know everything about them. This can be considered to be the most time-consuming step and if this is done, next all the steps will be in a proper flow.

You need to ask yourself a few questions like;

  • Who is your target audience
  • Where are they located?
  • What is their age group?
  • Are they female or male or you want to target unisex?
  • What are their likes, dislikes?
  • Are they interested in your product/service?
  • What are their demographics?
  • What is their psychographics?
  • Which platforms are your people most active on? etc.

When all these questions are answered, you are done with the first step of creating a Digital Marketing Strategy.

Figure out your goals

Your goal with the marketing strategy should be decided well in advance. So for a particular product launch, you want to make sure the maximum number of people join in for a conference call and a webinar event. So possibly there can be a minimum of two strategies. One, you run a lead generation campaign, collect the data, call everyone, and close the deal. Another option could be running a campaign that asks your audience to join in for the event by paying a small amount as a registration fee. 

Cent percent, the second option is less time-consuming but for that to be pulled off, your storytelling, copywriting, and social media creative needs to be superb, so good so that the user gets converted.

You need to make sure your goal is set and then you can move ahead.

Write a fantastic copy 

Your prospective consumer will convert when the copy you are writing the content that he reads is touching for them, doesn’t matter it is a touch of emotions, or you are entertaining them or educating them, you need to add a bit of value to sell your product/service. 

Given an example, if you are a Travel Agency, you can create a blog and write about international replacements of the monuments and most visited places, ten places to visit when you are in Italy, etc. etc. Your content should be SEO based so that the reach of the content is also on point. 

Create engaging Ad Media Creatives

When a person is scrolling down the aisle of a website or a social media page, you plan to keep them hooked. Even before reading what’s there in your copy or what content is written, they will watch your Ad creative. Now, this is the most vital step, you can shoot up your engagement by working hard in this step. It may ask you for a bumper bonanza of creativity, but that can be learned in the run of time.

Choose the right platform

If you are a hip fashion wear brand, advertising on Linkedin is not for you. You should be choosing Instagram or Facebook for the promotion of that kind of product. So in this manner, you need to select which platform works right for you and if you are confused between two to three platforms we suggest you take some recommendation from an expert Digital marketer, by this, you will save a bunch of your effort, time, and money too.

Keep a close watch

The beauty of new-age Digital Marketing is they provide you reports, analytics, enough data for you to tweak into your sales funnel or your Digital Marketing strategy. And this was the thing that was missing in the traditional marketing process.

You should never underestimate the idea of analytics, keep a close watch on the execution of your strategy and you should always after time try to change the things which are not in favor of your business.

Hereafter, we will be getting into the precise Digital Marketing process of Quora, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So buckle up, good things are coming your way. 

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