What Is Multichannel Marketing And Why It Matters In Business

Multichannel marketing executes a marketing strategy across multiple platforms to reach as many consumers as possible. Here, a platform may refer to product packaging, word-of-mouth advertising, mobile apps, email, websites, or promotional events, and all the other channels that can help amplify the brand to reach as many consumers as possible.

Understanding multichannel marketing

It’s important to understand that multichannel marketing involves targeting several marketing channels simultaneously. Targeting more than one channel has obvious benefits for reaching more consumers, with studies showing that multi-channel consumers might spend more than single-channel customers. 

For instance, imagine the case of a consumer looking to buy a new television may go through various stages of research. They may read blog post reviews and then physical brochures. They may even visit a bricks and mortar store and listen to radio advertisements on the way there. In this case, the company manufacturing the television should target the consumer across multiple channels – particularly those channels where the consumer is ready to buy.

Of course, the channels a business targets will depend on the industry it is in. Banks and other financial institutions use call centers to market to consumers, but you’d be unlikely to see an ad from your bank in a catalog. Having said that, supermarkets rely on catalogs and television as their main marketing channels without any reliance on call centers. 

Implementing an effective multichannel marketing campaign

Multichannel marketing campaigns should follow this basic three-step framework.

1. Create a buyer persona

While some consumers will interact with a business through several channels, crafting a buyer persona helps marketing teams identify groups of consumers most likely to interact on certain channels and target them accordingly.

2. Craft a consistent message

If a business wants a relevant presence on print, TV, and radio, then it needs to develop a consistent message across all three channels. Customer interaction must also be similarly consistent. In other words, the customer must never feel as if they are interacting with a different business as they switch channels. 

3. Integrate the data

Websites will invariably collect the most data on consumer interactions, but this does not mean that another department could not benefit from this information also. For example, a consumer who adds items to a website shopping cart without purchasing may benefit from an email or follow-up call from sales addressing any concerns. 

Benefits of multichannel marketing

There are several benefits to multichannel marketing, including the abilities to:

  • Connect with consumers across multiple channels. Since the average digital consumer owns 3.64 connected devices, businesses that target a single device or channel are missing out on potential revenue.
  • Keep pace with modern lifestyles. Historically, marketing efforts were limited by time or location. Multichannel marketing allows businesses to reach consumers from the minute they wake up until the point in which they go to bed – and everywhere in between.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. For some businesses, multichannel marketing is easier said than done. However, those that manage to implement display, mobile, social, and video marketing simultaneously can increase their ROI by as much as 500%.

Key takeaways

  • Multichannel marketing uses a range of online and offline marketing communication methods to target and engage with consumers.
  • At its core, multichannel marketing involves creating a buyer persona to create a consistent marketing message across all channels. Consumer data should also be shared freely throughout the company to further enhance consistency.
  • Multichannel marketing is a 21st-century form of marketing, ideal for modern, ultra-connected consumers with fast-paced lifestyles.

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