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Some people find marketing on Reddit very outdated and obsolete, yet where Facebook and Instagram are today’s traditional marketing channels, Reddit has the nature of being unconventional amongst them. Reddit can be a great viral channel to cheaply amplify your brand and fill the top of the funnel.

Why should you go for Reddit Marketing

Reddit has a huge user base, top posts on Reddit are written under 120 characters of words, that means more information in a limited amount of time. People post their questions and ideas and they get comments in return, a documented survey done by the team of Foundation INC has found out that the posts on Reddit with questions have received more number of comments and the posts which did not have any questions associated with them received maximum upvotes. Reddit works very similarly to Quora and the Marketing technique is also somewhat similar.  

As we were discussing in the Quora Marketing section that you can attach links to the answers and you should always incorporate links in the sentences of your answer, the same can be done with Reddit Marketing too, rather these external links will drive your reader to the website you want them to visit. See the numbers listed in the graph

Reddit can be considered as one of the most efficient and huge Social Media platform which is used very less or is underutilized by the Digital Marketers. We have the experience of seeing very narrow niched users and marketers working on the Reddit platform for the advertising of products and services, so it is a good chance to take advantage of the platform. 

First, let’s understand Reddit as a platform

Just like Instagrammers and Twitteratis, people on Reddit are known as Redditors. Reddit is known for its Social News spreading nature and it is best used in that industry by Redditors. Just like Quora, there are forums created on Reddit, and the member of these forums post consistently on the platform. 

The other users are then shown the content and asked to post an Upvote if they liked the content, or Downvote if they didn’t. The posts with maximum engagement and Upvote will stay in the top position. 

As we just said that Reddit has a lot of groups/forums, it has given easy names for better classification of the forums, better known as Communities. Reddit considers itself as the first page of the internet, as written in their link. For example, r/politics discussed political stuff around the globe, r/technews will concentrate on the news about various technologies in and around, and so on. And since it has a mechanism of giving upvote and downvote to the content, you will be able to better research what people are liking and what are they refraining from. Reddit even creates a platform that functions to conduct discussions, debate on a particular topic, they respond to the questions, etc.

When you post valuable content, it becomes easier for the Redditors to give you upvotes and engage with your content which will then bring you a loyal customer base. We have seen that on Reddit people are very specific with what community they join and engage, so keeping that in mind you can design your Reddit Marketing Strategy.

How can you Market on Reddit?

There are a lot of ways by which you can successfully create a brand image on Reddit and Market to the Redditors, we have packaged a few for you;

Associate yourself with a Community

Reddit is all about communities and groups, so you need to associate yourself with a community and engage with the users there. Be specific with which community you choose to join, if your posted content does not feel relevant to the people there, they will stop engaging with your content and the rank will then go down.

Post consistently

When you join a group, the communities are all about giving and taking, so you should always have an ideology of giving out relevant information, adding value to the lives of Redditors. Rather than promoting your brand, business, product, or service, solve their queries, make their life easier, and as a marketer you very well know, how can you do that.

While these standards are all-inclusive (generally) over Reddit as a platform, you need to understand that every user has a community of their own and are involved in them, immersed in them, they require quality content, give it to them. Slowly, steadily, you will see people redirecting to your website and getting converted as loyal customers. 

Make your style

People are looking for humor, value, education, etc. you can know your style and post consistently according to what you like and what kind of target audience you are looking for. 

Productivity of Subreddits

There are a few situations where the subreddit you’re keen on is altogether too focused on or maybe too much targeted one. Like/r/videoediting . There’s very little activity going on in there, however/r/technews, /r/photography, and /r/news issues are emphatically flooding with entries. So you need to find a good option and use it according to your preference. 

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