Netflix Revenue Breakdown

Netflix Key Financial Stats20212020Change
Streaming revenues$29.51 Billion$24.75 Billion19.22%
DVD revenues$182 Million$239 Million-23.83%
Total revenues$29.7 Billion$25 Billion18.81%
Global Streaming Memberships:
Paid net membership additions18.2 Million Members36.6 Million Members-50.29%
Paid memberships at end of the period221.8 Million Members203.6 Million Members8.93%
Average paying memberships210.7 Million Paying Members189 Million Paying Members11.48%
Average monthly revenue per paying membership$11.67$10.916.97%
Operating income$6.2 Billion$4.58 Billion35.10%
With over $29.7 billion in revenues, most of them came from streaming services, at $29.51 billion in 2021. While DVD revenues represented less than 1% of the total revenues at, $182 million. The streaming revenues grew at 19.2% in 2021, primarily driven by an increased Average monthly revenue per paying membership, which went from $10.91 in 2020 to $11.67 in 2021. In 2021 Netflix had over 221 million members, compared to the 203 million members in 2020.
Key Facts
FounderMarc Randolph & Reed Hastings
Year & Place FoundedAugust 29, 1997, Scotts Valley, California
Initial Business ModelSold DVD by mail, with subscription business model
Year of IPO5/23/2002
IPO Price$15.00
Total Revenues at IPO$75.9 million in 2001, before the IPO
Business Model ChangeFully transitioned to streaming in 2008
Total Revenues in 2021$29.7 Billion
Netflix EmployeesAs of December 2021, Netflix had 11,300 full-time employees located globally in 60 countries
Revenues per Employee$2.62 Million
Who owns Netflix?The main individual owner is co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings, with 1.79% of the company’s stock
Founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, the company was founded by Marc Randolph & Reed Hastings, and it IPOed in May 2002, at a price of $15 per share. Netflix generated $75.9 million in 2001, before the IPO, and before it rolled out its streaming service business model. Indeed, the company Fully transitioned to streaming in 2008, and by 2021 it generated $29.7 Billion. As of 2021, Netflix has 11,300 full-time employees, thus generating $2.62 million per employee. The main individual owner is co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings, with 1.79% of the company’s stock, making him a billionaire.

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