14 Facebook Stats That Matter To Business People In 2022

  • Facebook, now Meta had f 71,970 employees as of December 31, 2021.
  • The company also reported 2.91 billion monthly active users (remember that Facebook Inc, also comprises other products like Instagram, while they affect the Facebook bottom line, Facebook doesn’t report how much of it is coming from each product and doesn’t tell us the users count of those platforms). 
  • In 2021 Facebook, now Meta, generated $117.9 billion in revenues, compared to the $85.9 billion in 2020. 
  • In 2021 Meta generated $39.3 billion in net income, compared to $29.1 billion in 2020. 
  • In 2021 Meta business model was driven by advertising revenues, which represented 97.4% of the total revenues, compared to the 98.6% of 2020. 
  • As of 2021, Facebook spent over 20%($24.6 billion) of its revenues in R&D. While it spent about 12% of its revenues in Sales and Marketing activities ($14 billion).
  • Advertising (over 97% of revenues): the company generated over $114.9 billion in advertising primarily consisting of displaying ad products on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and third-party. As Facebook highlighted, in 2021, the number of ads delivered increased by 10%, as compared with approximately 34% in 2020. And the price per ad increased of 24% in 2021, compared to a 5% decrease in 2020. This means that Facebook is squeezing users’ attention to drive up revenues (not a good sign).
  • Payments and other fees (less than 1% of total revenues): $721 million in revenues primarily consisted of the net fee received from developers using Payments infrastructure or revenue from the delivery of virtual reality platform devices and most importantly revenue from the delivery of consumer hardware devices.
  • Reality Labs generated about $2.27 billion in revenues (almost 2% of the total revenues) from the delivery of consumer hardware products, such as Meta Quest (former Oculus), Facebook Portal, and wearables, and related software and content. In 2021, Facebook started to report this segment separately, comparade to the advertising segment, as in theory, this should become the main business unit for the company in the coming decade (this is a matter of survival for Facebook). 
  • The ARPU or average revenue per user, is a key metric to track the success of Facebook,  – now Meta – family of products. For instance, by the end of 2021, Meta’s ARPU worldwide was $11.57. While in US & Canada it was $60.57, in Europe it was $19.68, in Asia $4.89 and in the rest of the world it was $3.43.
  • Therefore, a user from the US or Canada as of 2021 is worth more than a user from Europe or the Asia-Pacific region. To make a comparison, a user from US and Canada, on average, is worth 17x more than a user in the rest of the world! 
  • Most advertising revenues still come from mobile and from a main product: Instagram. 
  • Meta managed to increase susbtantially its revenues in 2021, primarily thanks to the number of ads delivered, which increased by 10% (compared to approximately 34% in 2020). The primary ad revenue driver was the price per ad increase of 24% in 2021 ( compared to a 5% decrease in 2020). This metric is extremely important as it shows that Facebook is squeezing users’ attention to drive up revenues.
  • Reality Labs sales were primarily driven by Meta Quest (former Oculus), which turned out to be a great VR gaming console. Will it be able to make the jump and become the primary device for content creation, and consumption in the virtual reality? That’s an open question. 

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