Copywriting vs. Content Marketing

Copywriting has the precise scope of writing text to enable users/potential customers to take a certain action. On the other hand, content marketing usually has a broader scope from the top of the funnel (branding and awareness) to the funnel’s middle and bottom (actions and conversions). Therefore, the primary difference is on the scope: copywriting looks at persuading potential customers to take action, and content marketing can be used for branding or reach.

Writing a copy is the art of crafting catchy texts to persuade a particular demographic. “A copy” is the written content aimed at converting impressions to clicks and converting clicks to high sales. Any form of writing that persuasively requests an action from your audience is called copywriting.
Content marketing is one of the most powerful commercial activities which focuses on leveraging content production (text, audio, video, or other formats) to attract a targeted audience. Content marketing focuses on building a strong brand, but also to convert part of that targeted audience into potential customers.

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