Announcing The One-Minute Business Models Series

On FourWeekMBA we’re starting a new format where we dissect business models in less than a minute or so, by showing a few key highlights from those business models that really matter to have a quick glimpse at them.

This is not a simple fit, as explained over and over again, complex business models, like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are giant with multiple business models within them. Therefore, the short-video format will simplify a bit in order to make it possible to cover an entire business model in a minute.

Why a video business model format?

  • Enable more people to appreciate the topic.
  • Allow a video-based format, for those who like video rather than text.
  • A quick introductory glance.

It is important to highlight that such a format is not meant as a substitute for in-depth business model analysis.

But a great way to be introduced to an otherwise complex topic. Thus, more people can get acquainted to how companies business models work, and therefore become better businesspeople!

Let’s start by looking at a few video business models.

LVMH Video Business Model

Snapchat Video Business Model

Google Video Business Model

Facebook Video Business Model

Apple Video Business Model

Apple Video Business Model

Business model analyses:

Other business resources:

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