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AI Startups To Watch Out For in 2021

Several trends surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning emerged as large volumes of data and algorithms became widely accessible. The projected revenue in the AI market is to skyrocket by about $97.9 billion in 2023. For this reason, startups along with large tech corporations began to take an interest in this ever-growing field. The significant inventions involving AI are more focused on machine learning, leveraging smart decisions without human intervention.

Transitioning from research centers, organizations around the world began turning their studies into a reality. Applying theories into actual systems allows them to develop advanced technologies that simplify our day-to-day life.

So, here are 15 AI innovators that you should look out for in 2021:


Brisk is a startup company based in the UK founded in late 2018. The organization began by creating AI systems that can provide thorough risk assessments for businesses. Businesses can determine their financial history, credit scores, and risk level using machine learning. The target market for this program are brokers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and accounting firms. The company’s ultimate goal is to help small businesses manage their finances, offering instant access to crucial information that can affect business decisions. The in-depth risk analysis allows the clients to anticipate individual decisions’ potential threats before even putting them to work. As one of the most successful startups in recent years, their funds reached over $300,000.


The US-based Dataiku data science software platform established Dataiku DSS (Data Science Studio) to explore AI’s benefits in 2013. The organization can assist businesses with making data-driven decisions by taking advantage of machine learning. This software development is for data analysts and data scientists who want to automate specific tasks using machine learning. Since the release of Dataiku DSS, the organization has managed to raise about $100 million.

Dragonfly AI

The UK-based startup Dragonfly AI initially began its operations in 2018. This software is a predictive visual analytics platform that uses AI to measure the influence of design on the audience. It benefits retail companies by helping them understand the products that garner the most “customer attention.” Two AI systems within the platform can single out the products that the customers can likely notice first, improving the buyer journey. Another feature is the Dragonfly AI motion, which generates exclusive insight into the impact of customer attention and behavior on your business. Following the organization’s success, Dragonfly announced its partnership with outsourcing firm Capita’s IT in 2019.


Eightfold AI is a startup based in Mountain View, California, founded in 2016. AI enthusiasts come together for a mission of establishing a platform that can manage the entire talent lifecycle. Staying true to their philosophy, which is to provide “the right career for everyone in the world,” they developed a program using AI. It can help businesses determine the top performers, upskill and reskill the workforce, recruit top talent efficiently, and reach diversity goals. Overall, the organization’s primary purpose is to empower businesses in producing top talent to gain a competitive edge. Forbes hailed Eightfold.AI as one of the Top 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2020 after it raised $125 million by the end of the year.

Frame AI

A startup company based in New York established a collaborative messaging platform that improves customer services and business conversations. The platform brings the consumers’ voice to every channel necessary to streamline services and focus on them. Instead of wasting the workforce and spending a significant amount of time monitoring the customer’s voice, this tool helps businesses better understand their market. Offering data-driven CX priorities, natural language helps to understand how businesses communicate with customers. It can also become the company-wide channel for understanding the sentiments of customers for immediate action. The startup’s success is as clear as day, raising about $6.3 million in early 2020.


The primary objective of the US-based startup is to revolutionize the advertising strategies of enterprises. Offering a marketing platform driven by voice command and AI, users navigate the platform hands-free. The program takes advantage of natural language to train voice AI and produce interactive, dialogue-based advertisements across mobile platforms. Using data-driven algorithms, marketers and media companies can gather insight on campaigns and customer engagement. Since it emerged in the business landscape in 2015, the organization raised over $2.2 million in funds.


Photoneo became one of the pioneers of utilizing 3D robot vision to provide advanced automation solutions. Powered by AI algorithms, this startup involves the following pick-and-place systems:

  • Universal Depalletizer
  • Singulation & Sorting System
  • AnyPick

All three systems take advantage of machine learning to modify the behavior of large data sets of objects. Its actions depend on the new data presented, indicating that it can generalize and recognize specific environmental changes. Leveraging the convolutional neural network (CNN), the system can differentiate and detect various objects it encounters. Simply put, AI allows the program to recognize items of different shapes, sizes, textures, materials, and orientations. This platform aims to improve logistics, e-commerce, automotive, food and medical industries, and many others.


Promoting convenient ForEx trading powered by artificial intelligence, 8topuz is ideal for retail investors and individual traders. The platform automates machine learning, which several companies have implemented in the banking, investment, and fintech industries. The program’s leading role is to provide an automated trading solution while reducing the risks of participating in volatile trading activities.


A startup company based in the US allows businesses to analyze large data streams at any given time. They can also use this data and the contextual data powered by AI to make critical business decisions. A digital copy of the information gets stored within the physical system through shared objects or a digital twin. The clash between the virtual and physical environment allows in-depth analysis of data and detecting issues before they arise. As a result, businesses can eliminate as much downtime as possible, knowing potential problems in advance. Through machine learning, the platform can tell various critical events, find hidden patterns, predict future behaviors, and autonomously trigger fast actions at an individual or multiple coordinated edge devices.


Osaro is another notable startup based in the US. It combines the latest AI technology and industrial robotics to detect perception and control insights. The AI software embedded in robotics has sensors that recognize objects around it. It observes how the system behaves when pushed and grabbed. Like systems powered by AI, it can use its experience to determine the best course of action. While mimicking behavior around them, it can learn from surrounding machines and advance programming insights.


Argo is a startup that emerged to produce software, hardware, maps, and cloud-support infrastructure that businesses can integrate into its self-driving technology platform. The organization’s primary objective is to promote autonomous vehicles to make transportation more convenient, safer, and efficient. The software can never be distracted nor tired as it has 360-degree awareness features. It is also integrated with self-driving cars to set up the designated pick-up and drop-off points, reduce traffic congestion and manage assisted parking.


Founded in 2011, BigML aims to leverage machine learning to make life easier for everyone. The organization offers a plethora of machine learning resources all over the world. It is their role to provide automated machine learning as a service and fulfill complex data-driven tasks.

Various companies can access this platform to share and solve complex machine learning tasks. Multiple resources, including the following, can help anyone understand ML a little better:

  1. BigML Dashboard: web-based interface offering a myriad of machine learning materials and models
  2. REST API: Access requests programmatically

Overall, the goal of BigML is to promote the potential of machine learning through its educational materials. Since it was released, BigML raised $1.6 million in funds.


Although GoodVision started in early 2017, it gained significant attention in 2019 for its unique AI approach. The platform collects video recordings, live camera streams, or drone footage to obtain useful insights. The information gathered from the videos is extracted in real-time. Businesses can use the sensor to simulate and test specific scenarios. A growing number of retail stores and city infrastructures take advantage of this technology to increase security and experiment in various services. It also gets applied to traffic systems and other community infrastructures. In this way, people can retrieve security footage from the law enforcement and commercial establishments right away.


Transforming healthcare industries one software at a time, CureMetrix offers an AI-powered triage program for mammography. This software makes it easier for businesses to perform breast scanner screenings using high-precision technologies. With AI’s help, radiologists can obtain data-backed results for accurate, safe screening prognosis and treatment. More importantly, this technology is FDA approved for hospitals looking for improved healthcare services worldwide.


The startup company based in three different locations, namely, Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Guangzhou, started in 2016. aims to provide a reliable platform for managing all things related to autonomous driving. The success of this company reflects in its funding that reached $267 million.

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