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Google Revenue Streams

In 2022, Google generated over $282 billion in revenues, of which over $162 billion from Google Search, over $29 billion from YouTube Ads, and almost $33 billion from Network Members’ properties. In addition, Google generated over $29 billion in other revenue, over $26 billion from Google Cloud, and over a billion dollars from other bets.

Apple Revenue Streams

iPhone and Services sales represented the main revenue drivers in 2022. Within the service revenues, the fastest growing sub-segment was the advertising business Apple built on top of the App Store, followed by the Mac, Accessories & Wearables, and the iPad.

Amazon Revenue Streams

Amazon has a business model with many moving parts. The e-commerce platform generated $220 billion in 2022, followed by third-party stores services which generated over $117 billion; Amazon AWS, which generated over $80 billion; Amazon advertising which generated almost $38 billion and Amazon Prime, which generated over $35 billion, and physical stores which generated almost $19 billion.

Netflix Revenue Streams

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming/on-demand platform making money with three plans: basic, standard, and premium, giving access to streamed series, movies, and shows. Netflix generated $31.6 billion in revenue in 2022, with an operating income of over $5.6 billion.

Facebook Revenue Streams


Salesforce Revenue Streams

In 2023 Salesforce generated $29 billion from subscriptions and $2.33 in professional services, compared to $24.66 billion in subscriptions in 2022 and $1.83 in professional services.

Adobe Revenue Streams

Adobe generated most of its revenue (93%) from subscriptions in 2022. Indeed, the company generated $16.39 billion in subscription revenue in 2022 compared to $686 million from services, and $532 million from product

Snowflake Revenue Streams

Snowflake generates most of its revenue from products/software. For instance, in 2023, almost 94% of its revenue came from product and 6% from professional services. Indeed in 2023, product generated $1.93 billion in revenue, compared to nearly $127 million from professional services.

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