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MOZ is another popular all in one suite of SEO tools. One of the best things about MOZ is that it is very easy to use and you do not have to be technical at all to navigate the platform. As said earlier, it is an all in one suite and thus packs all the essentials for devising effective SEO strategies. MOZ has six major tools, which further have multiple functionalities; however, we are going to focus on these six tools for now;

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Rank Tracking
  3. Site Crawl
  4. On-Page Optimization
  5. Link Research
  6. Custom Reports

We will go through each of the six one by one starting with Keyword Research.

Keyword Research

As discussed previously, keyword research is of immense importance to devising any SEO strategy. MOZ has developed one of the best keyword research tools, which takes the hassle, bad data and busywork out of the process and improves the process of discovering the best keywords to work on and target in a short amount of time. The keyword research tool by MOZ allows you to create, add and manage keyword lists all inside MOZ. You can then compare, categorize and prioritize any given number of keywords and phrases in order to choose your target keyword and fine-tune your content strategy. The main purpose that the keyword research tools however serves is the opportunity to find even better keywords with the help of MOZ’s intuitive suggestions and comparable keywords for which other sites are ranking. These keywords are collected from a high quality keyword database, which only contains fresh SERP data of age two weeks or less. Finally, I think what makes MOZ keyword research stand out from many other tools is that it provides many important metrics about the keywords in order to better gauge its competitiveness and estimate click through rates. These metrics include difficulty, Organic CTR, volume etc. that helps assess the right keyword for your content strategy.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

Rank Tracking

The second most important functionality that exists on MOZ is that of rank tracking. In the digital marketing game, everything is about getting your website to rank higher, but how does one know where they stand on a search engine’s SERPs. That is where rank tracking by MOZ comes in. It helps you track your website’s keyword ranking and visibility on Google SERP. That is how you know which strategies are working and which ones need changing. It also helps you track your competitor’s movement on the SERP, thus allowing you to find gaps in their SEO strategies and build upon that. Customers have over the time shown different search behavior on different devices i.e. desktop and mobile devices. MOZ helps you compare your website rankings across different devices and shows you the gaps upon which you can improve. All these strategies combined together lets you uncover competitive advantages over what others in the same field as you are doing and thus push your rank higher on the SERPs. 

MOZ Rank Checker

Site Crawl and Audit 

If you already have an intact website and are not building one from scratch, it is important that you find out all the areas where the site lags and what structural and navigational hindrances are hidden in the code. MOZ site crawl and audit tool can help you detect these technical issues which might be impeding your website from receiving high quality traffic, rank of being indexed by the search engines. Through this tool, MOZ monitors a multitude of issues including missing title tags, broken redirects and many more. The best part is that MOZ crawler works fast and efficiently, since it keeps track of the new and recurring issues thus making them easy to detect. The results of the site audit then show the issues in the form of categories and colorful charts depicting the trends, opportunities and the severity of the issues. MOZ site audit tool also explains each and every issue in detail, with its potential impact on your site’s ranking and traffic as well as recommends a possible solution. Then you can take the next steps, as you deem appropriate. Finally, an important feature of the MOZ site crawl tool is that it automatically crawls your website after set time periods and informs you of any new issues that might be lurking in your site. 

MOZ Site Crawl and Audit

On-page Optimization

After you have successfully ranked your website and applied all the useful strategies, it is important that your content be worth reading. Otherwise, the visitor may come on your site, but they would not stay long if finding information is difficult, thus decreasing your retention rate, which could directly lead to a drop in sales, if you are a business. MOZ makes sure that does not happen with its on-page optimization page. MOZ gives you a list of recommendations along with easy to follow steps to ensure that your page content is optimized to meet the search engine’s retention requirements. An important metric called page optimization score helps you identify the ranking potential of every single page on your website, so you can quickly identify improvement opportunities on the pages with highest ranking potential. On top of that, MOZ on-page optimization tool also gives you suggestions and new content ideas to make sure that your website becomes the authority in your niche and whenever a customer enters that specific keyword, it is your name that pops up on the top. 

MOZ On-page optimization tool

Link Building

Finally, MOZ can give you insights about your website’s authority and ranking by measuring the link juice of your website. The amount of backlinks, linking domains, anchor text and most valuable pages decide for the most part as to how high your website ranks. What MOZ does is compares your link profile with four of your competitors and identifies the gaps that exist between the domain authorities of the two websites. You can then carry out similar efforts to increase your site’s domain authority. MOZ also provides you with a link tracking list that can be utilized to set goals, track and analyze your link building progress. 

MOZ Link Explorer

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