Content Writing: 5 Must-Haves

To persuade your audience and appeal to their emotions to get them to complete the needed action, it’s critical to have a great headline, use short stories, have a unique offering, always anticipate, and be willing to take a risk. This is how you will get your audience engaged with your content and message, thereby driving engagement and conversion. 

The Headline

Remember the 80/20 rule? Yes, it comes into play here. Your headline is the first thing that your audience sees before the rest of your content. It is synonymous with an entrance to a room. No matter how big a room is, the door is usually very small. But you cannot access the room without the entrance. If your headline is poor or cliché, it will appear to your audience like a broken doorknob, and they won’t be interested in reading the rest of what you have to say.

Utilize buzzwords, figures, facts, numbers, and every other thing that can make them curious about what you have to say in the rest of the copy. Also, ensure that your headline text has a different format from the body. It should be BOLD AND CLEAR, making it stand out from the remainder of the text for easy identification. 

Use Short stories

You must convey your message in a relatable way to your audience. You want to present a product or a service to them, so tell a story that portrays their need and how your product or service will meet that need or solve that problem. A great story will not only highlight the importance of your product/service, but it will keep your audience glued till the end. However, ensure that your stories are short and concise. If your product is one that has a lot of technical terms, then a story is great. That way, you avoid the use of technical and professional terms that will rather confuse your audience. You understand your technicalities, but they don’t, so write them a story that they will understand and easily relate to.

Have A Unique Offering

Your audience has seen various digital ads, even more than you can imagine. So it will be unwise to do what everybody else is doing. People love trends, but people love pacesetters even more. So rather than copying the approach of others. You should be able to create your forte, stand out from among your competitors, and show your distinctiveness. 

Uniqueness isn’t limited to your writing style. It is also essential for your products and services. Take a market survey and look at what everybody is doing; while you’re at it, take another look at what nobody is doing. Be a pacesetter and offer something unique; let your audience know why your product should be used rather than your competitors’. Convince them about your unique offering, and their emotional appeal to purchase will be shunted towards you.

Always anticipate

We have highlighted the importance of setting trends rather than going cliché. But it is important to understand that you cannot set trends if you are not a visionary. Before Twitter, there were few social media apps in existence, but most of these apps were centered on Desktop use. Twitter came and focused majorly on mobile platforms. Making it an on-the-go app. According to twitter’s blog, they say, “We like to say that Twitter was born mobile. After all, the 140 character limit of Tweets was based on text messaging or SMS constraints. That means our platform was actually designed to allow anyone, anywhere to read, write and share Tweets”.  Now today, all social media applications are mostly used on mobile rather than desktop. Being mindful of technological advancements, environmental changes, demand and supply, and other factors will allow you to identify what to do differently to make a difference. In 2006, the Unique Value proposition of twitter would most likely have centered on the fact that you can tweet on-the-go. You don’t have to get home first, improving the social media experience of people.

Be Willing To Take A Risk

To do something different from others, you must be willing to take a risk. Shake up things proactively, create market instability, and your idea will be the go-to thing very soon. All outstanding copywriters take risks to go against the norm, and they have reaped the dividends.

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