Accenture Business Model In A Nutshell

The Accenture business model moves around five main lines of business: communications, media, and technology; financial services; health and public services; products; and resources. The company generated over $60 billion in revenue in 2022 from these lines of business.  
In 2022, most of Accenture’s revenue came from Products, followed by communication media and technology, financial services, health and public service, and resources.

Accenture in numbers

Accenture’s fastest segment in 2022 was the product segment, followed by communication, media and technologies.

Accenture is one of the world’s leading professional services companies with approximately 721,000 people serving clients in a broad range of industries and in three geographic regions:

Accenture had 721,000 employees in 2022, compared to 624,000 employees in 2021.
  • North America,
  • Europe
  • and Growth Markets (Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, and Turkey)
Accenture generated most of its revenue from North America ($29.1B), compared to Europe ($20B) in 2022.

five operating groups, organized by industry

  • strategy
  • consulting,
  • digital,
  • technology including application services,
  • and operations to deliver end-to-end services and solutions to clients

Accenture five operating groups are Accenture’s reporting segments and primary market channel, organized around 13 industry groups that serve clients globally in more than 40 industries.

  • Communications, Media & Technology operating group serves communications, media, high tech, software and platform companies
  • Financial Services operating group serves the banking, capital markets and insurance industries
  • Health & Public Service operating group serves healthcare payers and providers, as well as government departments and agencies, public service organizations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations around the world
  • Products operating group serves a set of increasingly interconnected consumer-relevant industries
  • Resources operating group serves the chemicals, energy, forest products, metals and mining, utilities and related industries

The five operating groups bring together expertise from:

  • Accenture Strategy,
  • Accenture Consulting,
  • Accenture Digital,
  • Accenture Technology
  • and Accenture Operations

Communications, Media & Technology net revenues 

Accenture Communications, Media & Technology Business segment is comprised of three main lines of business: communications & Media, Software & Platforms, and High Tech. Among this business line, the most significant contributor is the communications & Media segment, comprising wireline, wireless, broadcast, entertainment, gaming, print, publishing, infrastructure providers, and cable and satellite communications service providers.

Financial Services 

Accenture financial services business comprises two main segments: banking & capital markets and insurance. The largest contributor is banking and capital markets comprising retail and commercial banks, mortgage lenders, payment providers, corporate and investment banks, private equity firms, market infrastructure providers, wealth and asset management firms, broker/dealers, depositories, exchanges, clearing and settlement organizations, and other diversified financial enterprises.

Health & Public Service 

Accenture Health & Public Service Business comprises two main segments: health and public service. The largest contributor is the product segment comprising defense departments and military forces; public safety authorities; justice departments; human and social services agencies; educational institutions; non-profit organizations; cities; and postal, customs, revenue and tax agencies.


The Accenture Products Business comprises three segments: Consumer Goods, Retail & Travel Services, and Industrial and Life Sciences. The largest revenue contribution comes from the consumer goods segment comprising food and beverage, household goods, personal care, tobacco, fashion/apparel, agribusiness, and consumer health companies; supermarkets, hardline retailers, mass-merchandise discounters, department stores and specialty retailers; aviation; and hospitality and travel services companies.


Accenture Resources Business comprises three segments: Chemicals & Natural Resources, Energy and Utilities. The largest contributor is the utilities business comprising power generators and developers, electric and gas transmission and distribution operators, energy and energy service retailers; water, waste and recycling service providers.

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