The Top 7 Benefits Of Writing A Book

Competition for attention is fierce. Your company needs a new, sustainable channel for exposure to build a viable business model. Social media teams are churning out fresh content every day for your products and services. It feels like you are running on a treadmill of marketing chaos.

You’ve exhausted all the possibilities for creating connections with new audiences.

Or so you thought.

There is a powerful and often-overlooked method of gathering eyeballs and notoriety.

Write a book.

I cannot stress the importance more. Why is it overlooked? Because most people think it is difficult. But what if it wasn’t? More on that later.

Our clients at Leaders Press consistently manifest far more with their books than they anticipated. Because of this, they see the process as a worthwhile investment instead of an emotional and mental grind.

Here are the top 7 benefits you can receive from writing a book:

Immediate Credibility

Studies conducted by many authorities abound regarding the effectiveness of publishing a book. Establishing credibility with a book is no secret, and no one questions the premise.

New Connections

A properly positioned and marketed book will reach people that you would never have found another way. These new connections have their valuable networks, which can become great new relationships for you.

Deeper Knowledge Of Your Niche

All of our clients have experienced a surprising and refreshing side effect of writing their book. As they have compiled their content, they’ve learned even more about their craft. Great leaders know that they never stop learning, and writing a book gives the author a focused medium for discovering brand new information.

Up-To-Date Content

The exercise of creating a book’s content automatically renders original and contemporary material. You can then repackage this information for infinite uses: social media posts, webinar slides, articles, blog/vlog posts, email campaigns, and much more.

Recruiting Top Talent

Attracting and retaining excellent candidates for positions within your organization is significantly boosted by the leader(s) of that company having notoriety in their industry/niche. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves, and a published book gives the potential teammate a reason to believe in the leader and organization.


The emotional release that many of our clients feel when they have finished their book is remarkable. The leader may have been even unaware of many feelings that can be cleared and let go. For some, this facet of the book writing and publishing process is their favorite personal benefit.

The Thrill

Writing your book is an adventure. If you are seeking a new challenge that can reap many planned and unplanned benefits, then permit yourself to tackle this very achievable strategy. It can provide a massive shot in the arm to your confidence and clarity as a leader.

You’ll notice that I did not mention income as one of the benefits. There is a reason for that. We at Leaders Press downplay earnings as a primary goal for writing a book. Pay can be a result of publishing a great book, but in today’s incredibly crowded book publishing world, it can be very tough for even high exposure bestsellers to create lots of income.

I’ve written articles regarding the dilemma that has been created by online publishers like Amazon. Although anyone, and I mean anyone, can write and publish an online book, this enormous glut of new books uploaded daily has created a drowning and splintering effect.

The very top echelon of writers that sell many books in print and online are a tiny fraction of the millions of essay writers that make virtually nothing. Those that focus all of their marketing and entire careers on creating book sales income aren’t even all successful.

So a leader who is using a book as a leverage and credibility tool will be served much better by concentrating their wants and needs on the other benefits listed above. The book then can become a precious device for generating benefits that are superior to only receiving a little more income. Boosting your primary business could bring more revenue than book sales alone and simultaneously help your partners, employees, and all other stakeholders.

You may be asking, “How do I write and publish a book that creates all of these benefits but doesn’t take all of my time and energy in the process?”

The answer is straightforward. You outsource it.

Outsourcing Your Book is available as my gift to the readers of FourWeekMBA. Thank you for educating yourself and for taking action.

Now, write your book!

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