The State of Entrepreneurship

Application TypeU.S. Monthly (May 2023)U.S. Monthly (April 2023)U.S. Percent Change (May/April)West Monthly (May 2023)West Monthly (April 2023)West Percent Change (May/April)
Business Applications4360484345260.41041231012202.9
High-Propensity Applications140837144974-2.93455335136-1.7

Business Applications:

These are applications submitted to start a new business. In May 2023, there were 436,048 applications, slightly up from 434,526 in April 2023, representing a 0.4% increase.

High-Propensity Applications:

These are applications from businesses that are likely to hire employees. In May 2023, there were 140,837 such applications, down from 144,974 in April 2023, representing a 2.9% decrease.

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