3 Tools for Professional Bloggers to Create Awesome Content

As a professional blogger if you want to generate a stream of qualified traffic that allows you to monetize your site you need an editorial strategy.

An editorial strategy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to know what to write about in the next year or so. An editorial strategy can simply mean to have clear in mind what are the 2-3 topics you want to cover within the coming months.

In short, this is an important aspect to keep a clear direction and strategy to grow your blog.

In some cases though generating a constant stream of ideas can get hard, especially if you’re trying to be consistent and publish more then once per week.

In order to avoid running out of blog ideas, I want to show you three tools you can use to uncover an unlimited number of topic ideas and make your blog grow.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Tweak Your Biz has created a tool, called Title Generator:


This tool pretty simple. You only need to insert a topic idea in the title generator box and get suggestions:


As you can see the recommendations of the tool will comprise things like lists, best, how to and so forth.

To give you a quick idea of the titles the tool suggests you. See some examples below:


  • Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Content Marketing
  • Believing These 8 Myths About Content Marketing Keeps You From Growing
  • Don’t Waste Time! 8 Facts Until You Reach Your Content Marketing


  • Best Content Marketing Android Apps
  • Best Content Marketing Tips You Will Read This Year
  • Best 60 Tips For Content Marketing

How to:

  • How To Make More Content Marketing By Doing Less
  • How To Make Content Marketing
  • How To Buy A Content Marketing On A Shoestring Budget


  • Are You Embarrassed By Your Content Marketing Skills? Here’s What To Do
  • Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Content Marketing?
  • Do You Need A Content Marketing?

At the end of the page you have the option to copy all the titles the tool has generated for you:


As simple as that!

Hubspot’s blog ideas generator

As pointed out via Hubspot:

“I don’t know what to write about.” It’s a thought that has crossed every blogger’s mind. But let us let you in on a little secret: There’s no such thing as running out of blog ideas.


The ideas generator is quite simple. You can enter up to three nouns and hit “give me blog ideas!” and Hubspot tool will do the work for you:


Once again this is a tool that can serve you as a compass to generate ideas when they seem to run out.

Potent Title Maker

Potent has also created a tool, called title maker:


You can enter a topic in the “enter your subject here” and hit refresh. The title maker will come up with suggestions based on certain characteristics. You can hit refresh to get new ideas.

Key takeaway

In this article, I wanted to show you three tools that could help you generate unlimited ideas around the few topics that are part of your editorial strategy.

Those ideas can be a great help in times in which they seem to be running out.

Being consistent in publishing relevant content for your audience is critical for any professional blogger.

With those three simple tools, you can make sure you never run out of those ideas!

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