Best Books For Starting A Business In 2021

100+ Business Models

This is the most advanced guide on business models that you can find. An over 770 pages ebook, covering many case studies, practical analyses, systems, and business models. 

Through this master book, you can learn, improve your business acumen, and borrow parts of those models, to test them out to build, grow, or scale a business. Or simply have an advanced understanding of the business world, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Master 100 business models dominating our times. A master guide from FourWeekMBA, in ebook format, to be consumed at your own pace!

In the last years, I’ve been dissecting business models of any type, and companies of any size. At the same time, I’ve been talking, interviewing, and discussing business models and business model innovation with dozens of entrepreneurs and practitioners.

I’ve been doing that for several reasons:

To gain a better understanding of the businesses around me. As I had the option to gain a Ph.D. on the topic or to create my Ph.D. I went for the latter, and in the process, I thought to document it all on FourWeekMBA. Over time I wanted to create the business school I always dreamed of.


100 Strategy Tools

The business world is extremely noisy. 

So how do we make sense of it? 

The path ahead for better decision-making for many is about using complex models and searching for more data. However, there is also another approach.

That is about reducing complexity, by using strategy tools for your business.

In this book you will find a complete list of tools and frameworks you can use for business, thoroughly explained!

An Entire MBA In Four Weeks

An Entire MBA in Four Weeks brings you thorough a journey to master the business world, as quickly as possible:

  • Week One: Mastering The Financial Game
  • Week Two: Business Model Engineering
  • Week Three: Mastering The Customers 
  • Week Four: Growth And Distribution
  • Week Five: Take Action With The M.O.V.E. Framework

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