Is Disney Profitable? Disney Profits 2016-2022

Disney reported $3.14 billion in profits in 2022, compared to $1.99 billion in profits in 2021. The company’s profitability had substantially changed since 2019 when Disney completed the acquisition of 21st Century Fox with a 71.3 billion deal.

More about the Disney business model

Disney Business Model

Disney’s business model revolves around creating sustainable, scalable brands based on Disney characters and stories.

Disney SWOT Analysis

It would be hard to argue for a more recognizable entertainment brand than Disney. Disney is, of course, synonymous with Walt Disney, but it was Walt and his brother Roy who started the company in 1923 in Burbank, California. Disney content is now broadcast on over 100 channels in 34 different languages across the globe.

Disney Subscribers


Disney vs. Netflix

By September 2022, Disney counted 235,7 million subscribers, whereas Netflix counted 223 million subscribers.

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