CVS Stores

CVS had 9,674 stores in 2022, compared to 9,939 stores in 2021, and 9,962 stores in 2020.

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CVS Revenue

CVS generated over $322 billion in revenue in 2022, compared to over $292 billion in 2021 and over $268 billion in 2020. In 2022, of CVS’s revenue, most of it came from products, followed by premiums and services.

CVS Profits

CVS generated $4.15 billion in profits in 2022, compared to $7.91 billion in 2021 and $7.18 billion in 2020.

CVS Revenue Breakdown


CVS Distribution Strategy

CVS’s distribution strategy is toward pharmacy, which in 2022 generated nearly 77% of the company’s revenue compared to front store & others, which generated over 23% of its revenue.

CVS Revenue By Channel

In 2022, CVS generated most of its revenue from pharmacy (76.9%), compared to 76% of revenue from pharmacy in 2021 and 76.9% in 2020. The rest is generated by retail & others.

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