VF Corporation Profits

  • In 2020, VF Corporation reported a net income of $0.679 billion (or $679 million).
  • The company experienced a decline in net income in 2021, with net income falling to $0.407 billion (or $407 million). This represented a decrease of approximately 40.1% compared to the previous year.
  • However, VF Corporation saw a significant rebound in net income in 2022, with net income reaching $1.38 billion (or $1,380 million). This marked an increase of approximately 239.3% compared to 2021.
  • The substantial increase in net income in 2022 suggests a strong recovery from the challenges faced in 2021, and the company’s net income surpassed its 2020 level by a considerable margin.
  • Overall, the trend in net income for VF Corporation over this three-year period indicates a temporary dip in 2021, followed by a robust recovery in 2022, resulting in a net income level that is notably higher than in previous years.

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