Freemium business model

Free can be a powerful weapon for growth. Many in the tech industry and more specifically in the SaaS business model use the Freemium to grow their business. In fact, the freemium is a mix of free and paid service.

The company offers a basic version of the product that works just like the premium product but it either has limited usage, or it has limited features. Thus, the free version is used for lead generation (capture contacts of people) and invite them to upgrade to the paid version or simply have the users with a free account to advertise their product.

Take SumoMe, a tool that allows you t grow the audience of a blog through newsletter forms, pop-ups, A/B tests and heat maps:


If you get the freemium version of the tool, you still have a lot of features for free. SumoMe will invite you to upgrade over time, and it will show a small link “powered by SumoMe.”



In short, the free product can be leveraged in several ways. First, for lead generation. Second, as a way to trigger upsells for non-paying customers.

Third, as a virality tool, with CTAs and links placed in strategic places to have free publicity from non-paying users.

If appropriately implemented the freemium model can be a great way to grow a brand and a business fast.

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