Kano model


Opportunity Scoring And Why It Matters In Business

Opportunity scoring is a product feature prioritization framework. It asks customers to identify features they deem important but that are otherwise underdeveloped or disappointing. Opportunity scoring is derived from the outcome-driven innovation (ODI) strategy developed by Tony Ulwick in the 1990s. It is a user-centric process that gives product teams direct access to customers and …

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Quality Function Deployment In A Nutshell

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a total quality management tool that systematically develops the needs and expectations of customers. Quality Function Deployment was developed by the Mitsubishi Corporation for defining shipbuilding requirements in the late 1960s.  Understanding Quality Function Deployment Given that ship construction is an enormously expensive process, Mitsubishi realized the importance of building …

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Kano Model Explained For Business

The Kano Model was developed by Dr. Noriaki Kano, a professor of quality management at the Tokyo University of Science. The Kano Model prioritizes features on a product roadmap according to the degree to which they are likely to satisfy customers. The Kano Model is one of a suite of prioritization frameworks that help product teams …

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Buy-a-Feature Prioritization Model

The Buy-a-Feature Prioritization Model is a quantifiable exercise helping product teams to identify features that customers value most. The Buy-a-Feature Prioritization Model endeavours to answer some basic questions around product development: Understanding the Buy-a-Feature Prioritization Model Choosing the appropriate mix of features can make or break a company, but too many product teams move ahead …

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