In 2020 Tesla finally managed to scale up its business model. And this isn't just about Tesla, the electric ecosystem developed, and the world is ready to get electrified.


Forced Digitalization

As the pandemic hit the world, digitalization was no longer an option but a necessity, this lead to the final scale of web 3.0!

Starting in 2019 the world had realized the full potential but also societal disruption of tech giants, thus regulators started to think about break up of large tech companies.

Chinese Tech Domination

Chinese Tech Players became among the most powerful. An example was the unforeseen rise of TikTok, and how the government tried to unsuccessfully break it up! 

Blockchain Dirsuption

As the world woke to a pandemic in 2020, it also shown the weakness of the current financial system, and alternatives like BitCoin and Ethereum picked up traction!

AI Platforms

By the year 2030 probably every company on earth will be an AI company. And we might see the rise of AI platforms.