WordLift is a WordPress plugin that uses AI (NLP) to extract a set of concepts from the text you write. Those words can be selected and translated into structured data through a powerful Schema Markup, which makes that content disambiguated to search engines.

An example of how I used WordLift on this blog.

  • The NLP will extract a set of concepts/potential keywords for me from the articles I’m writing. It is only a suggestion; the final decision is always up to me:
  • With a click, I can create a powerful Schema Markup. There are some tools that allow you to do that but it would take expertise, time and money! Plus the markup you create is only a template. With WordLift it becomes dynamic. As you can see above, each article, based on the NLP will have its markups!
  • In a snap of a finger, I can create an internal glossary. The software does a first editorial job by creating an extract coming from the open datasets
  • With no effort, I can publish metadata. Which will make my content easier to find for search engines. It is almost like I’m telling them where to find it (of course if the content you produce sucks it doesn’t matter how much metadata you publish search engines will ignore it)
  • I can also generate semantic content recommendations with a set of widgets. For instance, with the faceted search widget (which I can insert wherever I like in the body of the article) I can let my reader decide what articles to read next based on their preference. For instance, if my reader clicks on “Elon Musk” he/she will find all the article within my blog that talks about that:

What benefits can you expect from these Advanced SEO techniques?

  • More customers through qualified traffic. In fact, through Schema markup search engines will read and better understand your content. Thus, they will be able to bridge your target customers’ needs with the content provided by you
  • Improved customers’ loyalty through better content recommendation. By having returning customers on your website, they’ll also be consuming your content. Thus, you will become the go to brand for them
  • Higher conversion rates through improved segmentation of your clients. When WordLift identifies concepts, it also creates an internal glossary for your website. Since the glossary can be very specific (think of a site that sells “screws, ” and within the glossary, there’s the item “hex screw”), you’ll know what your potential customers want. Therefore, you can create ad hoc campaigns for them

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