How to Use Wolfram Alpha as Personal Fitness Assistant to Improve Your Health

search engine is just a tool that matches your query with data that is linked and provided by other users and sources. Instead, a computational knowledge engine, like Wolfram Alpha (WA) takes raw data and makes computation out of it. There’s a huge difference between the two. In fact, while a search engine might be useful, a computational engine can become your best ally to track, measure and improve your health!

Use it as personal coach

Let’s say I want to walk for 45 minutes at a four mile per hour speed. Let’s ask WA how much fat am I going to burn,

Great, but I want to know more!

Measure your health and weight level

I plugged my value into WA, and it gave me right away all I needed to know,

I would never think as myself overweight. Yet WA is telling me I have to lose about two kilograms. Not bad after all. Keeping in mind that the body mass index is a very general measure, I can still lose some weight. You know what? I’m going to eat a soup today, and I want to ask WA how healthy that is.

Let Wolfram Alpha measure your food intake

I’m going to have a soup of beans with a bit of onion and carrot. Let me ask WA if that is healthy,

I plugged the value into it and got the results,

That is great; I will have a nutrient meal with a few calories. That should bring me back to my optimal weight. What else?

I can do more to lose a bit of weight. Let me practice a bit of calisthenics

Measure your physical activity

Let’s ask Wolfram Alpha how much am I going to burn in 15 minutes of workout,

In conclusion, Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that based on the raw data you input gives you back valuable insights that you can use to improve your health and your life!

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