Will AI replace writers?

In the last months, I joined WordLift. A SaaS company that created a tool that uses AI to automate part of the activities related to SEO. Within the activities that an online business does content creation is crucial. In fact, when you create content around a topic you’re also allowing search engines to understand and “interpret” the context on which your website sits.

Writing is still perceived as a human activity. Yet many business people pushed by profit maximization are actively looking for ways to improve the output of content creation while reducing the expenses connected to human resources.

Imagine a tool that can produce content 24/7. You won’t have to pay medical insurance, time off and better yet you will not have to deal with editorial teams to have that output!

So the question is “Will AI replace writers?”

The debate about AI and how it’ll take away our jobs is a widespread issue. Away from the buzz and hype what predictions can we make (if any) about the future of writing?

With the team at WordLift, we recently spoke with Samur Isma, the visionary behind freeyork.com, an online design magazine, which integrated AI in its workflow to produce relevant content for its audience.

As Samur confirmed in the interview:

writers that use a lot of statistics and numerical data have a bigger chance to be replaced by A.I.

and he continues

but nothing ever will substitute a well-written writer’s opinion on a subject.

Of course, there is much more in the interview. I extracted only part of what he said (you can find the whole article in the notes).

But Samur raised a crucial point. There’s no prediction we can make about writing in the next fifty years. But we can try to understand what’s the trend in the next decade.

There are certain activities in which machines are undoubtedly better than humans. One of those is data collection. Therefore, we can assume that in the next decade news financial journalist which only do the commentary of the stock exchange closing will eventually disappear. What are those people be doing?

Difficult to say. Yet one thing for sure. If you’re not adding value to the content based on your opinion, creativity, and perspective, then what you’re writing most probably will be prone to be automated in the next decade!

AI in the next decade might not be meant to replace humans. Instead, AI might serve as a replacement for dehumanizing activities.

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