Travel Trends Based On The Latest Airbnb Q3 2022 Financials

A few key insights from the latest Airbnb financials about global traveling trends.

With Q3 revenue of $2.9 billion, Airbnb recorded its highest quarter ever. 

This shows that the traveling industry is not only at the pre-pandemic level but has also passed it!

Some core trends:

  • Remote work, long-term stays, and de-urbanization: as many knowledge workers keep traveling, they prefer longer stays and might still choose exotic locations outside urban environments.
  • Urban and cross-border travel is back in full force. This shows that short-term trip is still skewed toward international travel toward high-density urban destinations.
  • New Hosts on Airbnb, which also shows that many hosts are turning into entrepreneurs, able to build a substantial income stream on top of Airbnb. It might also happen due to a weaker job market, where becoming a host becomes an opportunity to make extra income (Airbnb gained traction through the 2008-9 financial crisis).

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