The Art of Mentorship: Master the critical skills to thrive


The 4-Week MBA put together the first E-book with the purpose of making it available in a more intuitive format to you. The information has been organized so that it can be used in your daily life. The objective is to give you a toolkit of practical and technical skills that can improve your life on a personal and therefore professional level. Indeed, The 4-Week MBA is a platform which intent is to improve critical skills and to form great individuals first. We do not assume that career comes first. Or that one must sacrifice everything for his/her profession. Instead, our purpose is that to form balanced individuals who are able to unplug when necessary. For such reason we deemed necessary to put together “The Art of Mentorship.” Indeed, the first of “The 4-Week MBA series” will teach you some critical skills such as: Emotional Intelligence, Investing, and the art of influence. With no further ado we want to introduce the first of our series that we made available for free on amazon for a limited time – November 20th, and November 21st -to you.

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The Art of Mentorship: The Step by Step Guide to Change Your Life (The 4-Week MBA Series) 

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