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Just a year ago “The Four-Week MBA” started out with its first post and a series of youtube videos, intended to create a solid foundation of Financial Accounting. Why accounting? It is the language of business. Thus, it was a logical step to take. In the course of the year more than 3,500 students enrolled to the Finance Courses on Udemy. Many students were able to reach their career goals. Others used our courses to improve their understanding of the business world.

Thereafter The Four-Week MBA published over 50 articles on several topics, spacing from financial accounting, fundamental analysis, leadership, entrepreneurship, start-ups, management, investing and much more.

Our objective is to create “useful resources for both business professionals and entrepreneurs, which cannot be taught in a classroom.” We will continue to operate by following this principle.

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Gennaro Cuofano, International MBA. Author of "The Enlightened Accountant," and "The Art of Mentorship."