Knowledge Bias

When it comes to the business world, we often have the impression that knowledge is what makes you successful. Yet I would like to challenge this assumption. Everywhere we look, people are telling you how smart you’ll become once you read the books that the top business people are reading.

Undeniably certain books (not all) widen your perspective about life and business. Thus, make you more aware of the complexity of life and business. More skeptic about people that tell you they know better. And less prone to fall into biases and fallacies.

In other words, the more you read, practice, and do things the more you’ll realize how complex and unpredictable is the world. In short, it is not about knowledge but what Nassim Nicholas Taleb defines antiknowledge! The ability to look at your library and instead of thinking that you know better due to those books. You realize how much you don’t know!

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